Mulberry Learning @ Cairnhill

Located just a stone’s throw away from Newton MRT, and nestled warmly in the heart of the newly renovated Cairnhill Community Club, Mulberry’s brand new centre is the newest in our network of preschools located in Singapore, having just recently opened in July 2016.

A cosy, 5,500 square foot enclave surrounded by natural greenery and bathed in warm sunlight thanks to the floor-length glass windows around the centre, Mulberry @ Cairnhill serves as a paradise for children to freely express wonder and awe as they learn.

Mulberry @ Cairnhill            Mulberry @ Cairnhill

A Sanctuary Surrounded by Beauty

Carefully crafted from the ground up, our experienced educators have put plenty of love and thought into the well-appointed decorations of the centre, creating a vibrant, warm and safe learning environment for every child.

In addition to the best-in-class materials in the centre and the colourful surroundings, Mulberry @ Cairnhill also boasts a wondrous array of learning corners and facilities. These facilities range from learning areas such as the Busy Baker corner, to a Reading Nook furnished with an extensive collection of books and cushions for comfortable hours of reading and learning. Students will be able to engage in self-led learning in these corners- the various materials and toys provided in these corners will help develop every child’s interest, and allows them to develop essential skills such as fine motor abilities and creative thinking methods.

Mulberry @ Cairnhill

On top of this, Cairnhill also boasts an extensive suite of facilities for infant care. Our centre at Cairnhill is the first in our network to possess dedicated Baby Spa facilities in its dedicated infant care room. Our dedicated infant care facility also has rooms for breastfeeding mothers and a cosy, quiet corner for infants to have peaceful naps in. The entire infant care facility is also bathed in warm light to allow the infants in Cairnhill to attain their very first milestones in a comforting and homely environment.

Mulberry @ Cairnhill      Mulberry @ Cairnhill

A Prime Location for Learning

The fact that Mulberry @ Cairnhill is located in the middle of Cairnhill Community Club also means that students of the school will get to utilise the smorgasbord of facilities and activities offered by the CC.

A set of lush play and outdoor facilities await students, ranging from playgrounds to ball courts, providing students with safe spaces to have the time of their lives in. These outdoor activities also double as opportunities for children to develop their gross motor skills as well.

Additionally, the communal location means that students will also get plenty of interaction opportunities with the people that frequent the Community Club, allowing for children to develop and sharpen their communication skills, a key goal of Mulberry’s Reggio Emilia-inspired approach.

The centre at Cairnhill will also be uniquely able to jointly engage in cooperative activities with the People’s Association based at the centre, allowing students to actively contribute to community programmes. These partnering initiatives will also help to develop a love for people in every student.

A Dedicated Team of Professionals

The team at Mulberry Cairnhill is made up a close-knit group of educators in a mix of ages; all passionate, dedicated and highly qualified for their jobs. Our senior educarers also have years of experience behind them, allowing them to both guide their junior colleagues and ensure that every child in our centre gets the blissful and wondrous learning journey he or she deserves.

An Award-Winning Curriculum

Mulberry Learning Centre offers the best of global curriculum and educational pedagogies, e.g. Multiple Intelligences, Reggio Emilia, and Habits of Mind. It has won awards, such as the “Best of the Best Preschool Award 2015”, where it was voted “Best in Promoting Positive Learning”.

In addition, Mulberry is the first and only preschool network in Singapore and the world to offer “Habits of Mind” to preschoolers, and to be certified by the USA. So wide is the appeal of “Habits of Mind”, that MOE’s Gifted Education Branch also adopted it to promote intelligent thinking in the top 1% of Primary School students in Singapore! This ensures that every preschooler gets to benefit holistically through a trusted curriculum model crafted by educational experts and recognized globally.


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