Elizabeth has been with Mulberry (Jurong East) since N2 and she is now in K2. Throughout this period, Mulberry has proven itself to be a preschool centre that not only focuses on curriculum competency but also places strong emphasis on developing the child’s skills and potential through to optimise the child’s attention span through engaging her in interactive activities and project based learning.

This includes exploring the wet market, taking MRT rides to other neighbourhoods, observing the birds insects in the park and vising classmate’s home. I must also add that Mulberry is committed to involving parents in the children’s curriculum to involving parents in the children’s learning. To this end, there are weekly email updates on the curriculum complete with photographs of children in action, regular parents-children activities such as parents’ day. Chinese New Year lion dance, etc. as well as Meet-the-Teachers sessions. The teachers such as Teacher Tara and Teacher Noreen are very patience and look after the specific needs of each child. They are also very approachable and helpful whenever we need assistance or have special requests.

– Vincent Wong (Elizabeth’s Daddy)

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