Ms Sarune Semino, Mother of Darian. Lithuanian / German

Ms Sarune Semino, Mother of Darian. Lithuanian / German

Darian has been attending Mulberry Learning since December 2017 and it’s only been 10 months but I’ve seen him slowly exhibiting good behaviours and habits that he’s picked up from school. He is turning 3 years old soon but he shows interest in reading and is now able to put away his toys after he is done playing. I like that he is becoming more curious about his surroundings and when he comes home, he asks me lots of questions.

I chose to send Darian to Mulberry Learning because the school is very spacious and the teachers are very caring towards Darian. Of course, the location is very convenient for us and the school is relatively new and has nice facilities for children. I feel like the school’s bright open space and many play areas has sparked Darian’s curiousity and he enjoys going to school so much that when he comes home, he asks to do the same activities like drawing and water play!

I like that parents are occasionally invited to join in on the activities. Like for Mother’s Day this year, we had a very nice celebration together. The teachers and children prepared many surprises for the mummies. We had breakfast together and they even made us little gifts. What I appreciated the most was that they prepared a video for us where the children were saying how much they loved their mothers. It was very unexpected and I was touched to see that Darian, as young as he is, is able to participate and show me how much he has learnt and is able to do, with the guidance of his teachers.

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