Habits of Mind Fund (HOM Fund)

About Habits of Mind Fund (HOM Fund)

The HOM Fund is specifically designed to provide financial support to lower-income/disadvantaged families as well as those with household income up to $10,000 per month, giving children (18 months and above) from these families an equal opportunity as children from more privileged backgrounds to benefit from Mulberry Learning’s unique Habits of Mind curriculum.

Financial assistance amount ranges from $250 to $800 monthly depending on household income.

How does the HOM Fund help families in need?

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What is Habits of Mind About? 

Habits of Mind is about knowing how to behave intelligently and respond effectively to uncertainty or dilemmas. It provides children of all ages a framework for autonomous learning, critical thinking and effective inquiry. The framework was developed by Dr Arthur Costa, Emeritus Professor of Education at California State University, Sacramento, and Co-Director of the Institute for Intelligent Behavior in El Dorado Hills, California.

The Habits of Mind framework has been adopted by Singapore’s Ministry of Education to groom the top 1% and the brightest students in Singapore under its Gifted Education Programme. Mulberry Learning is proud to be the first and only preschool in to adopt Habits of Mind for preschoolers in Singapore and the world.

Read More about Habits of Mind here: https://mulberrylearning.com/the-mulberry-edge/habits-of-mind/ 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can apply for the fund?

The fund is open to any household earning up to $10,000, regardless of nationality. However Singapore Citizens will be given priority.

How much is the financial support that my child will be eligible for?

The financial support amount ranges from $250 to $800, depending on your family’s household income. For more information please contact us at [email protected]

When is the next intake of application?

The official application date has yet to be announced. Interested applicants are recommended to submit above interest form and we will be in contact again once the application opens. Alternatively, you may also keep a look out at our website for more details in the near future.

My child is only 6 months old, can I apply?

While the fund is only eligible for childcare programmes, we welcome parents like you to apply once you are ready to commit. However please take note that the application is subjected to approval and re-evaluation of household income nearer to your child’s enrollment date.

Can the financial support from HOM Fund be used on top of ECDA's Childcare subsidies?

Yes, the financial support from HOM Fund can be used over and above your ECDA Childcare basic and additional subsidies. However please take note that other Government subsidies other than above mentioned cannot be used in conjunction.

Will my application be approved as long as I earn within the amount indicated?

No, each application will be approved on a case by case basis. As we have limited funds available, priority will be given to families who need it more.

Will there be additional support for other miscellaneous costs?

This is not usually the case, however on a case-by-case basis, waiver may be obtained to subsidize selected costs. Such requests must be made known during the interview (With Ps) or before submission of application.

I am an existing parent of Mulberry Learning, can I apply?

Yes, existing parents may also apply for the fund. However please take note that approval is given on a case by case basis. Do approach your Centre Principal if you are interested to apply.

Can other promotions be used on top of the financial support?

No, for children supported under the HOM Fund, no other promotions other than the Childcare subsidies given by the Government should apply.

When will I be notified of my application status?

The entire process is expected to take 3 – 4 months, which includes your personalised school tour and other processing time. Regardless of application status, applicants can expect to hear from us in 3 – 4 months time via email / mail.

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