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Mulberry’s pedagogy involves a unique blend of Reggio Emilia-inspired project learning, Multiple Intelligences (by Howard Gardner, Professor of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education) and Habits of Mind (by Arthur Costa, Emeritus Professor of Education at California State University).We offer a bilingual learning environment with English as the main language and Chinese as the second language. Our teaching pedagogy from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten is based on the A-S-K framework:

A (Attitude) – Inculcating positive Habits of Mind to nurture self-improvement, self-awareness, self-control and relationship building skills in children. These habits will help children in problem solving and build up a positive learning attitude.

S (Skills) – Developing 6 main learning skills and dispositions, namely problem solving skills, communication skills, questioning skills, thinking skills, social skills and positive attributes through the Reggio Emilia inspired project inquiry approach.

K (Knowledge) – Progressively building the foundations of knowledge in Numeracy, English and Chinese literacy. We understand that every child has his/her own dominant strengths and styles of learning, so we adopt the Multiple Intelligences approach to adapt our teaching approaches according to each child’s learning styles.

The result is an effective child-centric, skills-based learning framework that develops a child holistically. What you see in our centres, are children embarking on a personal odyssey of creative learning and character development. They become young maestros of their mind, acquiring intelligent thinking habits which accelerate their learning. As young inquisitive explorers, our children can’t wait to learn, about anything and everything. They ask questions – many of them, and often. They build up expert knowledge, block by block – in both English and Chinese, as well as Mathematics and other fields. All these, while forging new friendships, spreading love, and having tons of fun!

Teaching Staff
Our teachers play an important role in delivering the curriculum and supporting your child’s learning and development. To provide the best possible care and learning experience for your child, we are careful about who we select as our educators. We look for qualified educators with passion, a strong dedication, a cheerful disposition, and an ardent enthusiasm to go the extra mile – just to make your child smile. Our educators undergo continual training to keep abreast of latest curriculum trends and child pedagogies, so as to meet the high standards that our brand is renowned for.

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