The Mulberry Experience

The Mulberry Experience

Children learn best from experience.

They learn by doing hands-on activities, using their senses, exploring their environment and
interacting with others. With vibrant Reggio Emilia-inspired learning spaces, comprehensive bilingual programmes and
holistic development outcomes, Mulberry Learning nurtures children with imaginative minds, positive attitudes and strength of character.

With an ever-changing global environment, The Mulberry Experience imparts next generation skills through a research-based pedagogy embodied in four pillars, namely; iDevelop, iExplore, iLearn and iExperience.

The Four Quadrants

Mulberry Learning Literacy and Numeracy
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iLearn embodies a suite of core programmes and enrichment programmes that is carefully designed to lay the basic foundation of the child’s learning and subsequently, extend them. Mulberry Learning’s enrichment programmes are STEAM* based which seeks to build children’s current affairs and critical thinking skills.

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Mulberry Learning Preschool
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iExplore allows the child to experience real task management and problem solving through the Reggio Emilia-inspired Project Inquiry process, which is children-led and facilitated by the teacher. This approach moulds little ones into self-directed learners who are equipped with real-world skills such as communication, effective problem-solving skills and questioning and reasoning skills.

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At this age, we build creativity, language skills and concept knowledge via structured learning frameworks. Your child will also develop positive thinking habits via Habits of Mind, displaying strength of character and the right mindset towards lifelong learning. Project inquiry learning also steps up a notch to fully expose your child to the benefits of this approach.

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In these years, we focus on strengthening the early foundations established and ensuring your child has the necessary language and numeracy skills for Primary School. A whole range of enrichment programs also are in store for your child, helping to further add fun to the learning journey through classes like Speech and Drama, Creative Writing, Mind Mapping and Sportball!

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