Summary of our iLearn curriculum

iLearn embodies a suite of core programmes and enrichment programmes that is carefully designed to lay the basic foundation of the child’s learning and subsequently, extend them. Mulberry Learning’s enrichment programmes are S.T.E.A.M* (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) based and the extensive range of S.T.E.A.M enrichment programmes complements the core programmes to allow children to hone their creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills while having fun.

Exciting programmes in store for the young ones include our Robotics programme Little Tinkerer™, our Arts programme Picasso Kidz™, our Science programme Little Newton™, our Culinary Arts programme Busy Baker™ and our Music programme Music Mooves™ amongst others.     

Our Signature Programmes

Your little one’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development will be stimulated at Mulberry Learning’s rich learning environment. Your child will engage in exciting learning experiences everyday through the creative and comprehensive curriculum and our STEAM-based enrichment programmes.

Literacy Fun™

With a structured and progressive pathway designed to build competency in English, the programme allows children to develop an expressive vocabulary of more than 4,500 words by the age of six. Children indulge in books by world-class authors and readers from the renowned Rigby Star Phonics programme, while honing their early reading, listening, speaking and writing skills through a myriad of fun activities.

Chinese Master™

Under the tutelage of native Mandarin teachers, children learn how to listen, read, speak and write proficiently in Mandarin. The programme helps children recognize different tonal sounds and character origins, while imparting moral values through the Chinese classic Di Zi Gui (弟子规). By Kindergarten, the children will be familiar with over 2,000 words, more than 80 Chinese idioms and 16 classic Chinese poems like Ming Ri Ge (明日歌).

Maths Quest™

A vast array of activities, toys, games and materials are adopted to impart simple mathematical concepts that build a child’s logical thinking mind. Children are given engaging learning materials to help them develop an understanding of counting, patterns, relationships, measurements, shapes and spatial concepts, alongside addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by the age of six.

Body Smart™

Body-smart children are learners who enjoy using their kinesthetics multiple intelligences to process information through hands-on activities.

Mulberry Learning’s Body Smart Kids programme is based on a reputable Australian multi-sport weekly class programme that is designed to expose the children to various ball games, develop their interest and confidence. This research-based programme uses real sports equipment that helps them acquire gross motor skills such as balance, stamina, strength and coordination.

Our expert coaches break down these skills into kid-sized bites of fun in a supportive and non-competitive environment that encourages teamwork and sportsmanship. As we teach the children how to kick and bat, we give them the tools to get in the game and leave them with the desire to stay in the game. Through play, children learn to respect others, cooperate, take turns, share, resolve conflicts and develop leadership skills.

Our Enrichment Programmes

Your little one’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development will be stimulated at Mulberry Learning’s rich learning environment. Your child will engage in exciting learning experiences everyday through the creative and comprehensive curriculum and our STEAM-based enrichment programmes.

Busy Baker™

The children get to experience different cuisines through a combination of Chinese and Western cooking styles. Through actively participating in the preparation and cooking process, children develop their hand-eye coordination, muscle movement and pick up a conscious habit of eating healthily. Spending time in the kitchen gives young children a chance to engage in sensory activities and get hands-on practical experience with many essential skills such as reading, measuring and following directions. Cooking and baking can be a great science experiment for the children too.

Little Newton™

Little Newton aims to foster the natural curiosity and excitement that young children have. Allowing the children to view their world from a scientific perspective, they learn to think critically and acquire new ways of asking questions. The children will be engaged in a series of fun, invigorating early science experiences as our teachers set the “sense of wonder” by modelling observations, experiments and encouraging the children to solve simple problems.

Picasso Kidz™

Using an array of materials and art tools, children get to jump into the world of art and craft where they can experiment with different techniques using mediums like clay, papier mache, mosaic tiles and found objects. This process-art approach focuses on the learning process of child through doing and experimenting. Every Picasso KidZ learns to develop their imagination, express themselves in a visual format and improve in their public speaking skills through show & tell segments!

Music Mooves™

Music is a universal language that crosses culture, breaks down barriers and nurtures relationships. Every aspiring little musician will develop intellectually, socially & emotionally, hone their fine-gross motor skills, expressive & receptive languages, numeracy and creativity through the musical movements and stories of Music Mooves!

Little Tinkerer™

Focusing on robotics and coding, Little Tinkerer™ brings STEAM-based learning to children. Through different themes and projects, the children can observe and learn how technology plays a part in their daily lives. This hands-on programme aims to nurture creativity, imagination, patience and STEAM-based skills while developing 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaborative work and communication skills. While learning to build their own interactive coding robots, the children are encouraged to ask questions during the process of brainstorming ideas, discussions and games.

Think Kids Mind Map™

Think Kids Mind Map™ is a programme that harnesses the intelligence and potential of young children by teaching the child how to learn and articulate and deliver their thoughts well. The programme uses mind maps, concrete props and visual aids to improve concentration and muscular memory to build a strong foundation for concept learning and language. Kids Mind Map™ adopts the Multiple Intelligence approach and provides hands-on experience which boosts the children’s creative thinking and self-confidence in problem-solving.

English Speech & Drama

Communication is at the heart of how we relate to one another and our English Speech & Drama programme is a powerful way for children to learn the necessary blocks for a life of effective communication. The children are invited to have a deeper understanding of the characters and situations they encounter through their exploration of a rich variety of literature. The programme helps children express themselves in a safe environment, boosting their confidence and encouraging them to think out of the box and actively engage with their peers through games and activities where each child can find their voice.

Chinese Speech & Drama

According to Ellen Bialystok, a neurologist and research professor of psychology at York University, speaking more than one language on a regular basis from a young age can enhance cognitive abilities and have a positive effect on the brain. The Chinese Speech & Drama programme captures children’s interest in the language and culture from the start. We bring Mandarin from page to stage where the young ones can develop their listening and speaking skills through storytelling and dramatisation, building their confidence and inspiring them to enjoy learning Mandarin.


In a study by the researchers from the Griffith Institute for Education Research, it is found that children who start swimming lessons at an early age develop physical milestones, language skills and a confidence boost sooner than those who do not. For children who have a fear of water, overcoming it can be empowering and the newfound confidence once they step out of the water can extend to social situations between peers. Swimming also facilitates the development of higher brain functions, core muscles and coordination. As swimming is an ambidextrous activity, it can boost language development and enhance the children’s ability to read and write.

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