TDM2020-Declan-Shenton Way

TDM2020-Declan-Shenton Way

“Thank you for being very cheerful and welcoming whenever you are at the frontline receiving or sending Declan. Although it is a simple gesture, the smile on your face brightens up our day, both the children and the adults. Your positivity is really contagious and it helps us kick start the day and end off the day well.
From Declan’s smiles and giggles when interacting with you, we know that he thoroughly enjoys himself in school and love your company. We know that it is not easy to juggle between taking care of the children and all the administrative work like ensuring that parents are kept informed of the activities and sharing all the lovely photos with us. From the photos and updates, we also saw the many interactive activities planned for the infants to continuously expose them to different mediums of art, materials and readings. We were very impressed and appreciative of the effort and hard work behind-the-scenes, these are things that helps them develop but we may not be able to accomplish at home. All these means additional work for you but you guys continue to put in effort to enhance the learning through fun, interactive and creative methods. Having Declan in school with you make us feel very at ease and less worried when at work with awesome and loving teachers like you. We appreciate the effort!
On this special occasion, we want to say a big THANK YOU for all that you have done.


Declan’s Daddy and Mummy, Shenton Way

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