Chinese Preschool

Chinese Preschool

Mulberry Learning’s Chinese Preschool integrates the Chinese language into children’s daily routine and makes learning a delight.
We offer Full-day and Half-Day care options for children aged 18 months to 6 years and classes are divided into 5 levels – Pre-Nursery, Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 & Kindergarten 2.

Did you know that Chinese is the world’s most widely spoken language today? As China’s economy and global profile continues to grow, it is becoming ever more important for your child to have a strong foundation in the Chinese language, so that he or she can excel in the future world. 

Since 95% of a child’s brain develops before the age of 5, the early years are the best time to ingrain strong language fundamentals in your child. Especially for English-speaking households, sending your child to a Chinese preschool helps to ensure that he or she is able to immerse in a Chinese-rich environment to master the language and be effectively bilingual by the age of 6.

A research by the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University shows that learning multiple languages allows young children to have stronger cognitive skills.

Building a Strong Foundation in Chinese

Mulberry Learning’s new Chinese Preschool @ Fusionopolis is our first preschool designed with a proprietary Chinese immersion programme which nurtures your child’s love for learning and transforms them into maestros of the Chinese language. Crafted by educational experts with over 30 years of early childhood experience, children are exposed to the language as they learn, play, listen, sing, dance and interact with the teachers and their peers in Chinese. The myriad of fun activities help children learn about the amazing arts, literature, philosophy, and festivals of one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Besides developing a sound foundation in the Chinese language and its culture, children learn in a multi-disciplinary manner across subjects like Drama & Communication, Mathematics, Science, Music and Art & Craft. Weekly activities include learning traditional Chinese poetry, calligraphy, Chinese idioms, festivals and traditions, as well as moral values through the Confucian principles of “Di Zi Gui” (弟子規).

The programme builds a strong foundation in Chinese with strong emphasis (80%) on Chinese especially in a child’s formative early years, accompanied by a gradual increase in English as the child reaches the Kindergarten years, thereby effectively nurturing bilingual children primed for success in Primary School and beyond.

As the Chinese preschool programme is also integrated with Mulberry Learning’s award-winning iDevelop / iExplore / iExperience / iLearn curriculum model, parents can rest assured that signature programmes like Reggio-inspired Project InquiryTM, Habits of MindTM and Literacy FunTM are still included as part of the holistic learning that nurtures the Future Ready Child.


A Sound Foundation in Chinese Literacy

With a structured and progressive pathway designed to build competency in Chinese, our Chinese preschool programme enables the child to develop an expressive vocabulary of more than 4,200 Chinese words, while familiarizing and reciting more than 30 Chinese poems and over 80 idioms by the age of six. Their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills are also honed through a myriad of fun lessons and activities.

Reggio-Inspired Project Inquiry™

Children from N1 to K2 will also engage in self-directed learning through Reggio-inspired Project Inquiry. Multi-disciplinary learning takes place with Chinese being the medium of communication and instruction as children develop deep subject knowledge, communication, problem-solving, questioning, thinking and social skills while having loads of fun in the process. Children act as little scientists as they engage in research on selected topics, conduct mini-experiments, analyse findings, and finally present project outcomes to their peers and parents in Chinese!

Moral Education through Di Zi Gui (弟子规)

Besides learning how to listen, read, speak and write proficiently in Chinese, moral values are imparted to the children through the teachings of Di Zi Gui (弟子规). Based on the ancient teaching of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, it emphasises on the basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others.

Current Affairs

An informed child has the power of knowledge. The children are engaged in regular discussions on current affairs and world events in the Chinese language. This enables the child to gain the confidence to converse in Chinese as they ask and answer questions while sharing thoughts and viewpoints with their peers.

S.T.E.A.M Enrichment Programmes

Mulberry Learning’s enrichment programmes are S.T.E.A.M. based with and programmes like Picasso KidzTM , Busy BakerTM, Music MoovesTM and the Chinese Cultural ProgrammeTM being delivered in Chinese, thereby allowing children to reinforce their grasp of the language while acquiring additional knowledge across all S.T.E.A.M. domains.

International Friendship Programme

This special programme is designed to connect our little Mulberrians to children in partner schools in Beijing and Shenzhen via video-conferencing. Children from both countries get to collaborate and share project findings with one another. Not only does this encourage the use of Chinese for communication, it allows the children to appreciate cultural nuances and foster new friendships!

Our Signature Programmes

Find out more about our signature programmes which promises a fun and engaging learning experience like no other.

Every child will receive a comprehensive and holistic education that helps them excel in the future world.

Beautifully Appointed Learning Zones within our Chinese Preschool

Beautifully designed learning spaces are hallmarks of the Mulberry Learning environment as we firmly believe that children learn best in beautiful and functional surroundings. Filled with various elements to promote an immersive Chinese learning experience for each child, no effort was spared to create these spaces of wonderment to stimulate their senses, unleash their creativity and encourage their natural urge for exploration.

Our Awards

Why Choose Mulberry Learning Chinese Preschool?

The Beauty of Small

We pay attention to the smallest details and do things with extraordinary care. Class sizes are kept small to enable effective small group teaching and better care of each individual child. The teacher-to-child ratios for each age group are as follows:

  • Playgroup – 1 : 6
  • Nursery 1 – 1 : 8
  • Nursery 2 – 1 : 10
  • Kindergarten 1 – 1 : 12
  • Kindergarten 2 – 1 : 15

Qualified Teachers

Mulberry Learning’s new Chinese Preschool at Fusionopolis features a proprietary Chinese-immersion programme crafted by educational experts with over 30 years of early childhood experience. Educators undergo over 250 hours of training, thereby ensuring that children are nurtured and guided by passionate, dedicated and well-qualified professionals.

The Art of Nutrition

Having the right foods can improve brain function, memory, and concentration in young children. Our menu has been developed in collaboration with an expert nutritionist from the leading health foods company Nature’s Farm to incorporate brain foods and provide the best nutrition for young children. The food is freshly prepared daily by our in-house chef, and the menu is also aligned with the Healthy Meals in Childcare Centres Programme under Singapore’s Health Promotion Board.

Your Choice of Learning Stages

Established in 2006, Mulberry Learning is an award-winning Reggio-inspired preschool and its curriculum has been voted as “Singapore’s Best Holistic Learning Programme” for 3 years running by leading parenting publications. Mulberry Learning offers child care programmes for Pre-Nursery (or Playgroup), Nursery, and Kindergarten children. Find out more about the programme for each age group!

Mulberry Learning’s Chinese Preschool Location


1 Fusionopolis Walk, #01-14/15/16
North Tower, Solaris
Singapore 138628
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)

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