Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy skills are crucial aspects of communication and are important for successful learning. The foundations for these competencies are established in a child’s formative years.

Literacy and Numeracy are among the most important information-processing skills necessary in the development of children. Modern life becomes practically impossible without these competencies. Obtaining a good level of literacy and numeracy lays the basis for preschoolers’ successful participation in their Primary years, and in the long run, their career prospects in an increasingly technological world and for their life as informed and reflective citizens.


Does your child know how to read and write? Is he or she able to interpret both English and Chinese literature effectively?
The demands of literacy have increased and to be successful in today’s world, preschoolers will not only need to be effectively bilingual, they also need to go beyond reading and writing to understand, evaluate and engage in written texts.
Effectively bilingual children gain exposure to new cultural horizons and will have a wide variety of new perspectives as they engage with more than one language. Not only will they acquire the knowledge of how to speak and write in both English and Chinese, the ability to toggle two languages also require more cognitive resources. This enables them to nurture other essential skills such as logical reasoning, flexible problem solving, and the ability to multi-task in an increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (V.U.C.A) world.


Data Analysts, Computer Scientists, Statisticians, Accountants, and Engineers; what do these top jobs in today’s world have in common? All of them require a high level of numeracy and mathematical skills.
In our highly technological world, data and machine learning are the driving forces of our economy. From technological companies to food and beverage sectors, the demand for employees with numeracy and mathematical competencies is soaring.
Learning how to count and the ability to recognise patterns are just budding indicators of your little ones’ interest in the world of numbers. Numeracy is essential for preschoolers to develop logical thinking and establish critical reasoning strategies, enabling them to make sense of numbers, patterns, shapes, time, and everyday activities like reading instructions and playing sport.

Our Award-Winning Curriculum

Mulberry Learning’s Core Foundational Learning Programmes

Through intentional subject teaching in English, Mandarin and Mathematics, preschoolers acquire essential domain knowledge.

Literacy FunTM

Children need to learn to translate the words they read in a text into sounds and make sense of these sounds. Research has shown that a child’s knowledge of letters and their level of phonemic awareness are best predictors of their success in learning how to read in their early years.

Our structured and progressive Literacy FunTM English programme builds competency in English. Through contextual and hands-on experiential learning, children will acquire an expressive vocabulary of more than 4,500 words by age 6! Preschoolers learn phonetic sounds of each individual alphabets and how these sounds are blended to form words through the renowned Rigby Star Phonics programme. In engaging classroom discussions and fun creative writing practices, kids are encouraged to speak up, participate in show-and-tell, and express their creative ideas, while honing their early reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills and nurturing children to become confident speakers and fluent readers.

Chinese MasterTM

As young children are more sensitive to nuances in sounds around them, learning Chinese, a tonal language, is much easier for the little ones. Experts at the University of California in San Diego has found that fluency in a tonal language helps to nurture strong musical abilities.

Under the tutelage of native Chinese teachers, preschoolers learn how to listen, read, speak, and write proficiently in the Chinese language. The Chinese MasterTM programme helps children recognise different tonal sounds and character origins, while cultivating moral values through the Confucian teachings of Di Zi Gui (弟子规). Learning Chinese also enables kids to be more adept at visual communication as they are capable of interpreting characters and comprehending nuances in symbolism. By age 6, children will acquire an expressive vocabulary of over 2,000 Chinese words, master more than 40 Chinese idioms, and can recite 16 Chinese poems like Ming Ri Ge (明日歌).

Math QuestTM

Children start comprehending several numeracy concepts before they start learning Mathematics formally. In their early years, numeracy capabilities develop significantly and these competencies greatly influence achievement in mathematics in primary school.

An array of activities, games, toys, and materials are used to impart simple mathematical concepts that nurtures a kid’s logical thinking and spatial concept. Kids will be presented with concrete, pictorial or abstract learning materials that are interactive and engaging that will keep lessons interesting and fun. They will gradually develop an understanding of how to count, identify patterns, recognise relationships, take measurements, name shapes and spatial concepts, alongside essential mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by the age of six.

Our Signature Programmes

Besides gaining an edge in essential core Literacy and Numeracy skills, find out more about the other programmes in our proprietary curriculum model which promises a fun and engaging learning experience like no other. Every child will receive a comprehensive and holistic education that helps them excel in the future world.

Our Bilingual and Chinese Preschools

Established in 2006, Mulberry Learning is an award-winning Reggio-inspired preschool and its curriculum has been voted as “Singapore’s Best Holistic Curriculum” for 3 years running by leading parenting publications. With 15 locations around Singapore, including our first Chinese Preschool at Fusionopolis, there’s definitely a preschool near you!

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