Mulberry Learning @ Kallang (Infant Care & Child Care)

Opened in March 2020, our new Kallang centre is located at the Water Sports Centre of the Kallang Sports Hub development. This standalone building is located conveniently near Kallang Wave Mall and Singapore Indoor Stadium, and it is just a short stroll from the Circle Line Stadium MRT station.

This new centre will offer both infant care (2 to 17 months) and preschool (18 months to 6 years) programmes to families living in the area, and children will also benefit from the spacious outdoor play areas immediately outside the centre as well as the well-appointed facilities of the Sports Hub.

With this new setup, we’re excited to offer our award-winning programmes like Habits of MindTM and Reggio-inspired Project InquiryTM to more families living in the East, and to nurture more future-ready children!

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  • Up to $13,200* savings for the Child Care Programme
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  • Free Set of AM and PM Uniforms

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Information About Kallang Centre

Beautifully designed learning spaces are hallmarks of the Mulberry Learning environment as we firmly believe that children learn best in beautiful and functional surroundings. This is why no effort was spared to create this space of wonderment that stimulates their senses, unleashes their creativity and encourages their natural urge for exploration.

As a Reggio-Emilia inspired preschool, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang is equipped with various learning corners that serve as tools for experiential learning, giving Mulberrians the chance to focus their attention on what interests them, whilst at the same time teaching them new lessons in the process. Learning stations throughout the centre offer numerous opportunities for creative thinking and exploration, providing children with opportunities to learn from each other with teachers facilitating the process.

We recognize that children learn in different ways, and for children who learn best in peace and quiet, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang will be a perfect centre of choice.

Parent Reviews
  • Kelvin and Pelecia, Parents of Jarrod, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “Thank you to teachers for taking such good care of Jarrod, keeping him safe, happy and loved and I'm able to work peacefully knowing that he's in your good hands. Thank you for all the patience and kindness you have shown to him and to us. Words cannot express how appreciative and thankful I am to all of you. The effort and dedication from all of you are not unrecognized and I really appreciate the foundation you are setting for him in his growing years. I am so happy to see him adapting so well in school and it's all thanks to all of you. To all the other teachers in Mulberry Kallang, thank you for always welcoming Jarrod when he reaches school and all the dedication and hard work you put in for all the children under your care!
  • Parents of Clovelle, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “To all teachers at Mulberry @ Kallang - thank you so much for your love, care, and dedication towards nurturing the young ones. Clovelle’s truly blessed to be so well taken care of by all of you. Keep inspiring the little ones & we appreciate all of your efforts.
  • Parents of Brayden, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    Thank you for all the joy filled days and the invaluable lesson that you have shared with Brayden. You have helped Brayden grow and made PN class so much fun that he enjoys going to school everyday.
  • Parents of So Joon, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “Thank you to all the teachers at Mulberry Kallang for always helping and encouraging my child. So Joon enjoys going to school and shares many things about school with us. We appreciate your time, your patience, and your guidance.
  • Parents of Althea, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “She was the youngest in class, entering at 3.5 months but the teachers dote her so much that we have much assurance of leaving her in school. Even at the age of separation anxiety now, she enjoys going to school. Althea is always happy enroute to school, clapping and 'singing'. We really can't do without you, teachers!
  • Parents of B, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “I was worried about how she would fare in a new environment but the school has proven to be the best decision we've made for her! We watched her advancing fast in her physical and mental developmental milestones despite being behind before joining. To all the teachers and staff of Mulberry Kallang, thanks for making their world a better place~ You guys are doing a wonderful job!”
Directions to Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

Address: 8 Stadium Walk, #02-05 Water Sports Centre, Singapore 397699

From Stadium MRT Station (By Walking)
Time: 8 Mins
Distance: 650 Meters

Programmes Available @ Kallang Centre

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