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Information About Marymount Centre

The word ‘Jalan Pemimpin’ in Bahasa Melayu means ‘Leader’s Path’, which coincidentally describes the estate of Marymount, an upcoming mixed residential and commercial enclave between Bishan and Thomson and home to many emerging tech industries. At the corner of Jalan Pemimpin and in the heart of Bishan, Mulberry Learning is just minutes away from Marymount MRT station and Bishan MRT station. Mulberry Learning @ Marymount is located at the swanky new commercial development known as M38. As a leading preschool brand in Singapore, Mulberry Learning’s new school at Marymount is again setting new standards and raising the bar in Singapore’s early childhood scene.

This centre only provides Child Care Programme for children aged 18 months to 6 years.

Higher & Wider Spaces

With a floor to ceiling height clearance of more than 4m and full height glass window panels, the fully air-conditioned learning spaces enjoy the full bask in the sun to give a soothing warm feeling. Outdoors, a spacious exploration and play area on wooden floor decks provides fun for children under the watchful gaze of our nurturing teachers.

To further optimize space for children’s growing needs, the principal’s office is conveniently located at the mezzanine floor. Mulberry Learning @ Marymount features reading corners, a fully furnished, richly stocked library with award winning titles for Kindergarten children, while young toddlers and nursery children read from the cosy reading corner complete with little armchairs and mini work benches and tables.

Dedicated Learning Studios

Unlike traditional pre schools which use fixed classroom spaces, Mulberry Learning believes in allowing children to co-mingle, move around different corners of the school, and learn in any zone, akin to a workplace-of-the-future concept where collaboration and flexible use spaces are commonplace. As such, Mulberry Learning @ Marymount, located in the heartland of Bishan, has been designed with dedicated multi-age learning studios, which allows preschoolers to socialize and mingle with one another and learn within studios equipped with a wide array of materials on the arts, languages, mathematics, and sciences. This novel approach shows how Mulberry Learning is at the forefront of the early childhood education sector, looking far ahead into the future to see how best to prepare young minds for the future world.

Cooking Made Easy

Mulberry Learning @ Marymount features a full-fledged kitchen in serving delicious home-style cooked meals for the little ones. Designed to replicate a restaurant setting with an open bar-top counter, complete with digital display panels that shows the menu of the day, the children at Mulberry Learning are much more by experiencing the importance of food sourcing, preparation and cooking with the occasional bake-off in home-made tarts, cookies, muffins and churros in which they bring back to share with the parents.

The Pool Factor

The children of Mulberry Learning @ Marymount have direct access to the private swimming pool conveniently located on the roof of the M38 building in Bishan. This gives the school the option to engage qualified swim coaches to offer swimming classes as one of the enrichment offerings at the school, all within the safety of the same building!

Parent Reviews
  • Joan Lefevre, parent of Nova Amelia Lefevre (N1), Mulberry Learning @ Marymount

    “Liang Laoshi has very good manners with the children, she is patient and structured and knows how to guide and direct the children in order to develop a project with the children. Her imagination and skills to build/construct/render projects are amazing. She is putting a lot of effort and is very detailed. The children- with their parents- feel very proud of their work.”
  • Liu Wenli, parent of Anne Quek (N2), Mulberry Learning @ Marymount

    “Lai lao shi is great as she is caring and able to engage children well. She understands children’s behavior and highlights to us the significance and meaning of certain behavior . Thanks also to Ms Jane who is approachable and answers to our queries very quickly. Her dedication to her work is admirable - she even answers our queries when on leave!”
  • Zhong Meifang, parent of Lucas Lau (N1), Mulberry Learning @ Marymount

    “My boy is happy being taught by Lai Laoshi! I can feel her passion and patience with the kids which is very important. In general, all staff are friendly and helpful. I greatly appreciate that all staff are very detailed with every kid during the daily hygiene check. I am also impressed that all teachers take the effort to remember the kids' names of other classes.”
Directions to Mulberry Learning @ Marymount

Address: 38 Jalan Pemimpin, #01-05/06 M38, Singapore 577178
(Near Marymount and Bishan MRT Station)

From Marymount MRT Station (By Walking)
Time: 4 Mins
Distance: 260 Meters

From Marymount MRT Station(By Car)
Time: 2 Mins
Distance: 450 Meters

From Bishan MRT Station (By Walking)
Time: 12 Mins
Distance: 950 Meters

From Bishan MRT Station (By Car)
Time: 3 Mins
Distance: 1.3 km

Programmes Available @ Marymount Centre

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