Kindergarten 1           

4 – 5 years

Teacher-to-child ratio: 1 to 12

Our Kindergarten 1 programme is available in Full-Day and Half-Day Childcare options.

At Kindergarten 1, we focus on building confidence, self-esteem and strengthening the academic foundation through our proprietary iDevelop / iExplore / iLearn / iExperience preschool curriculum model.

iDevelop – To prepare for a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, children should be equipped with future-ready habits and skills, such as asking the right questions, thinking flexibly and knowing how to problem solve. We nurture these future-ready dispositions in our young children using the established Habits of Mind™ framework, also adopted by Singapore’s Ministry of Education to groom the top 1% of Primary School students under its Gifted Education Programme, top schools like Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong Institution, and many others around the world.

iExplore – Reggio Emilia is often regarded by experts as the only preschool pedagogy that truly nurtures a child’s love for learning, given its child-centric approach. Through our Reggio-inspired Project Inquiry programme, children engage in self-directed learning through a series of English and Chinese projects, transforming into mini scientific explorers as they investigate selected topics in depth, perform research, conduct experiments, analyse their findings, and finally present their project outcomes to their class and parents! We won’t be surprised if a future Nobel Laureate emerges from among our ranks!

iLearn – As many parents prefer their children to do well in Primary School examinations like the P.S.L.E., it is important for preschools to lay strong academic foundations in young children.  Our signature Literacy and Numeracy programmes are designed to do just that. Our Literacy Fun™, Chinese Master™ and Math Quest™ help children develop strong literacy and mathematical skills. A myriad of S.T.E.A.M. enrichment programmes also ignite the love for learning as children engage in Culinary Arts through our Busy BakerTM programme, Music and Movement through our Music MoovesTM programme, or Art through our Picasso KidzTM programme, amongst others.

iExperience – Our centre environment has been carefully designed to feature aesthetically pleasing yet functional spaces for children. The Reggio-inspired learning spaces feature multi-sensorial learning zones such as the Construction Piazza, Light Atelier, Discovery Cove and Imaginary Playscape, which allow them to engage in child-directed exploration and learning, while having lots of fun!

Kindergarten 2     

5 – 6 years

Teacher-to-child ratio: 1 to 15

Our Kindergarten 2 programme is available in Full-Day and Half-Day Childcare options.

Our Kindergarten 2 children are our graduating stars. The Kindergarten 2 programme provides curriculum materials and experiences that put the finishing touches to a young Mulberrian’s preschool journey. Armed with years of guidance and knowledge gathering, our children are now academically ready, confident, courteous, sociable and with a positive attitude towards learning and life.

At the end of Kindergarten 2, children have completed our signature Literacy and Numeracy programme, thereby amassing an impressive vocabulary of more than 4,500 English words and over 2,000 Chinese words by the age of 6 that prepares them for success in Primary School. They are able to read story books, write, and speak in complete sentences to express their thoughts and feelings. They are also confident enough to speak in front of the class and actively contribute ideas during group discussions. They are knowledgeable, especially in topics related to the projects which they had done in-depth study and exploration in – enjoying the fruits of their labour. They know how and where to find information to satisfy their curiosity and how to make observations or draw conclusions from their findings.  They have acquired ways to ask questions, solve problems, think out of the box and work as a team.

They have been exposed to and lived the Habits of Mind™. This is reflected in their character, thoughts and behaviour. For example, they are able to understand their own emotions and thoughts, show empathy towards the feelings of others, act intelligently when presented with complex problems, and display grit when encountering obstacles. They have good self-esteem and a positive self-image, they are thoughtful, they love learning and they have intelligent thinking habits, which will pave the way for them to excel in their future schools, careers, and personal lives.

Primary School Bridging Programme – We bring our Kindergarten 2 children on a special bridging programme to ease them into Primary School life. This includes:

  • Visits to Primary Schools to give them a taste of life in Primary School, giving them a chance to interact with Primary School students and visit the canteens.
  • “Current affairs” sessions to expand their social awareness and knowledge of the real world.
  • Practical mathematics like dealing with money, fractions, division and multiplication, etc.
  • Reinforcement of comprehension skills and practices in spelling and homework management.

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