The Driving Force Behind Mulberry Learning’s Award-Winning Curriculum – Our Preschool Teachers and Principals

At Mulberry Learning, we believe that our educators play an important role in a child’s learning and development. Teachers nurture, inspire, care and guide children to achieve their growth milestones. Principals exude confidence and are nurturing mentors to their centre’s teachers. Besides overseeing day-to-day operations, they work closely with parents to ensure each child develops holistically. To provide the best possible care and learning experience for your child, we carefully select qualified educators who are passionate, dedicated, and enthusiastic about early childhood education.

With over 250 hours of extensive training, Mulberry Learning’s teachers embody and impart our Reggio-Inspired Curriculum that supports child-centric learning.

Mulberry Learning’s Extensive Teacher Training

Our educators undergo continual training to keep abreast of latest curriculum trends and child pedagogies, so as to meet the high standards that our brand is renowned for.

1. Induction

All new Mulberry Learning teachers and principals will go through an induction programme before they commence work at a centre. It comprises hands-on learning experience as they shadow and understudy a Master Teacher or Master Principal in a preschool, as well as curriculum training or leadership training at Mulberry Learning’s Headquarters.

Apprenticeship @ Preschool

Trainees will be given opportunities to familiarise themselves with the various learning spaces, observe the responsibilities of a teacher, practise by carrying out specific tasks such as small group teaching and classroom management, and reflect on their experiences.

Curriculum Training @ HQ

Trainees will be introduced to the Reggio Emilia approach in early childhood education in order to understand Mulberry Learning’s proprietary curriculum. They will be equipped with the knowledge to teach our special programmes such as Literacy and Numeracy, nurture the Habits of MindTM , facilitate Reggio-Inspired Project InquiryTM, and carry out S.T.E.A.M enrichment in our preschools.

2. On-The-Job Training

Beyond the induction programme, new Mulberry Learning teachers receive comprehensive on-the-job training in their first year. Our teachers receive guidance and continual feedback from their mentors to ensure they ease well into their new roles.

3. Annual Training

Mulberry Learning Revamp Professional Development Programme for Teachers

Learning never ceases, even for our teachers and principals! Mulberry Learning values our educators and wishes to see them develop as educators. Our latest i-InspireTM teacher growth model helps our early childhood educators map out clear career advancement pathways and boost their competencies. Every year, all teachers and principals receive both in-house and external professional development training courses to expand their knowledge, skills, and competencies. These sessions are great ways for them to take a step back, reflect and share best practices in their teaching journey.

Embark on Your Teaching Journey with Us

Our educators are the heart of our business. The job may be challenging, but making a difference in the lives of little children can be extremely rewarding. If you are an energetic, dedicated and highly passionate early childhood educator who loves nurturing imaginative and intelligent young minds, embark on your teaching journey with us!

At Mulberry Learning, staff will have numerous opportunities to shine. We provide extensive training programmes, a positive work culture, and rewarding career progression.

Hear What Parents Say About Us

  • “Would like to thank all the Teachers from the bottom of our hearts, for taking such good care of Chloe. I believe since the Circuit Breaker, many parents including us, really do see the importance of teachers, who put in such long hours at work. This is an occupation, if without passion, would not be sustainable. We can truly feel that Chloe enjoys her time in school and that to us, is very important. It also gives us a huge piece of mind, allowing us to concentrate at work. We also came to realize that Chloe does learn things in school! Although it’s an infant care where teachers are super busy tending to kids, they still managed to find time to teach the infants, which is really amazing!”

    Valerie Sim and Darren Ng, parents of Chloe Ng, Braddell

  • “Teacher Hajar and Ling Di Laoshi of N2A have been really supportive and nurturing of my children. I feel assured that they are enjoying school and quality education when I send them to school daily. I find the staff and teachers to be very responsive and nurturing towards the children. After sharing about Ellie’s lack of motivation to read at home, Teacher Hajar motivated her and emphasized the H.O.M. value to keep trying (which Ellie loves to quote every now and then). I now see a marked change of attitude in Ellie and she takes pride in attempting to read! Many thanks to Teacher Hajar for the positive influence!”

    Ong Yen Peng, parent of Titus Lee (K2), Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra

  • “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Mulberry Learning is the experience we wished for as little children. The indoor playground, open concept tactile stations and bilingual approach provides the ideal start for our son’s journey. More importantly, what has consistently stood out is the personal care and attention to detail by the teachers and school management.

    Shan & Hari, parents of Kai 符凯恩 (PN), Fusionopolis

  • Thank you for your patience and for being great educators to Nicole. She enjoys going to school very much and is always excited to share with us what she learnt in school at the end of her day in school.

    Vivian Lim, parent of Nicole Lee, Jurong East

  • “Teachers Logesh, Reichelle and Pinyu Laoshi have invested so much love and sincerity in doing their best. Both my girls come home from school so joyful each day and given they take a long time to warm up to strangers, I felt the teachers did so well in helping the girls adapt when they first enrolled. All teachers are very open to communication and very patient with first-time parents like us. We are thankful that they are outstanding and committed in what they do on a daily basis.”

    Kaiqi, parent of Hannah Ng (N2), Mulberry Learning @ Cairnhill

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