Mulberry Learning’s Preschool Programme

Nurturing The Future Ready Child

Mulberry Learning offers Full-Day and Half-Day care options for children aged 18 months to 6 years. Classes are divided into 5 levels – Pre-Nursery, Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 & Kindergarten 2.

Our Preschool Curriculum

With a vision of nurturing well-rounded children with imaginative minds, positive attitudes and strength of character, Mulberry Learning has developed a proprietary preschool curriculum that promises a fun bilingual learning experience, providing each child with a comprehensive and holistic education by nurturing core skills and knowledge, alongside intelligent thinking habits and dispositions.

Our award-winning preschool is critically acclaimed by leading media publications and thousands of parents across Singapore, Australia, and China. Voted as Singapore’s “Best Holistic Learning Programme” and Best Reggio Emilia Preschool” for consecutive years running, Mulberry Learning’s proprietary iDevelop / iExplore / iLearn / iExperience model provides a unique blend of renowned and established pedagogies like Habits of Mind (USA), Reggio Emilia (Italy), and Multiple Intelligences (USA).


How does your child behave when facing difficulties? Does he or she throw a tantrum and cry, simply give up, or look for ways to overcome the challenge?

iDevelop helps your child to develop intelligent thinking and behavioural dispositions through the established Habits of Mind™ framework. Just as how successful entrepreneurs, global leaders, and world class athletes demonstrate positive traits, we too want our children to draw upon these set of intelligent thinking habits. This established framework has since been adopted by Singapore’s Ministry of Education under its Gifted Education Programme, top Primary and Secondary Schools, as well as many other leading educational institutions around the world.

At Mulberry Learning, we are the world’s first and only preschool network certified by the USA to develop and offer the Habits of Mind framework exclusively for our preschoolers. The programme instills positive behaviours that help children succeed in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.


iExplore promotes the child’s interests and views to encourage self-directed learning through exploration and discovery.

Reggio Emilia is often regarded as “the only global preschool pedagogy truly able to ignite a child’s love for learning”. As Singapore’s leading Reggio-inspired preschool, Mulberry Learning adopts a unique hands-on discovery learning approach driven by the child’s interests. Distinguishing features of the Project Inquiry programme are the collaborative projects done in both English and Mandarin. Children take charge of their learning as they become little scientists to explore in depth selected themes, engage in scientific research and experiments, conduct analysis of findings, and finally present their project findings to their class and parents! Children emerge from these projects brimming with curiosity, satisfaction, and taking an active approach towards their learning as self-motivated young explorers. 


iLearn enables the child to acquire a solid foundation in early literacy, bilingualism, and mathematics. Through signature core programmes like Literacy Fun, Chinese Master and Math Quest, children develop strong literacy and mathematical skills, and gain an expressive vocabulary of more than 4,500 English words and over 2,000 Chinese words by the age of 6!

The extensive range of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) enrichment programmes complement the core programmes to allow children to hone their creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills through fun learning experiences across different domains. Exciting programmes are in store for your little ones including our Robotics programme Little Tinkerer™, our Arts programme Picasso Kidz™, our Science programme Little Newton™, our Culinary Arts programme Busy Baker™ and our Music programme Music Mooves™ amongst others.


iExperience is developed to allow the child to experience self-directed learning in a Reggio-inspired environment via beautiful and functional learning spaces. When children find themselves in environments that are aesthetically beautiful, soothing, full of wonder and discovery, they feel intrigued and eager to learn more. From the Construction Piazza to the Light Atelier and the Imaginary Playscape, every Mulberrian will experience a sensorial wonder as they explore these learning spaces, which stimulate their creativity and promote divergent thinking.

Our Signature Programmes

Find out more about our signature programmes which promises a fun and engaging learning experience like no other.

Every child will receive a comprehensive and holistic education that helps them excel in the future world.

Why Choose Mulberry Learning Preschool?

The Beauty of Small

We pay attention to the smallest details and do things with extraordinary care. Class sizes are kept small to enable effective small group teaching and better care of each individual child. The teacher-to-child ratios for each age group are as follows:

  • Infant – 1 : 3
  • Playgroup – 1 : 6
  • Nursery 1 – 1 : 8
  • Nursery 2 – 1 : 10
  • Kindergarten 1 – 1 : 12
  • Kindergarten 2 – 1 : 15

Qualified Teachers

Mulberry Learning’s educators undergo over 250 hours of training, thereby ensuring that children are nurtured and guided by passionate, dedicated and well-qualified professionals.

The Art of Nutrition

Having the right foods can improve brain function, memory, and concentration in young children. Our menu has been developed in collaboration with an expert nutritionist from the leading health foods company Nature’s Farm to incorporate brain foods and provide the best nutrition for young children. The food is freshly prepared daily by our in-house chef, and the menu is also aligned with the Healthy Meals in Childcare Centres Programme under Singapore’s Health Promotion Board.

Child Safety

The safety of your child is our priority. We take measures to safeguard our children against possible injuries or illnesses. Whether it is HFMD, haze-related illnesses, or child fevers, we do our utmost to make sure your child is in safe hands. Temperature scanners, air purifiers and hand sanitisers are but several of the essential features we have in place to keep our centres always clean and safe for your child!

Your Choice of Learning Stages

Established in 2006, Mulberry Learning is an award-winning Reggio-inspired preschool and its curriculum has been voted as “Singapore’s Best Holistic Learning Programme” for 3 years running by leading parenting publications. Mulberry Learning offers child care programmes for Pre-Nursery (or Playgroup), Nursery, and Kindergarten children. Find out more about the programme for each age group!

Parent Reviews

Hear what Mulberry Learning’s parents have to say!

  • Kaiqi, parent of Hannah Ng (N2), Mulberry Learning @ Cairnhill

    “Teachers Logesh, Reichelle and Pinyu Laoshi have invested so much love and sincerity in doing their best. Both my girls come home from school so joyful each day and given they take a long time to warm up to strangers, I felt the teachers did so well in helping the girls adapt when they first enrolled. All teachers are very open to communication and very patient with first-time parents like us. We are thankful that they are outstanding and committed in what they do on a daily basis.”
  • Ong Yen Peng, parent of Titus Lee (K2), Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra

    “Teacher Marie is kind, sincere and approachable. She has helped Titus a lot in various areas. I've also received good feedback from Titus about Teacher Marie and he shared that he will miss her after he finishes K2. This shows that she has built a certain level of trust and relationship with him which I'm very appreciative of. Good job, Teacher Marie! :)”
  • Tan Peiling, parent of Ellie Lin (K1), Mulberry Learning @ Tanjong Pagar

    “Teacher Hajar and Ling Di Laoshi of N2A have been really supportive and nurturing of my children. I feel assured that they are enjoying school and quality education when I send them to school daily. I find the staff and teachers to be very responsive and nurturing towards the children. After sharing about Ellie’s lack of motivation to read at home, Teacher Hajar motivated her and emphasized the H.O.M. value to keep trying (which Ellie loves to quote every now and then). I now see a marked change of attitude in Ellie and she takes pride in attempting to read! Many thanks to Teacher Hajar for the positive influence!”

Our Awards

Mulberry Learning’s Preschool Locations


12 Hoy Fatt Road
#02-01 Bryton House
Singapore 159506
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Alexandra


1 Anthony Road, #02-06/07
(Cairnhill Community Club)
Singapore 229944
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Cairnhill

Choa Chu Kang

26 Hong San Walk
Singapore 689017
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Choa Chu Kang

Fusionopolis (Chinese Preschool)

1 Fusionopolis Walk, #01-14/15/16
North Tower, Solaris
Singapore 138628
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Fusionopolis

Jurong East

31 International Business Park
Creative Resource, #01-04/05
Singapore 609921
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Jurong East


8 Stadium Walk
#02-05 Water Sports Centre
Singapore 397699
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Kallang


38 Jalan Pemimpin
#01-05/06 M38
Singapore 577178
(3 mins drive from Bishan MRT)
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Marymount

Shenton Way

6A Shenton Way
#03-01/04 OUE Downtown Gallery
Singapore 068809
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Shenton Way

Toa Payoh

743 Toa Payoh Lorong 5,
Level 1
Singapore 319457
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Toa Payoh

Tanjong Pagar

5 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-01
Singapore 082005
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Tanjong Pagar


21 Woodlands Close
#01-01/02/17 Primz BizHub
Singapore 737854
Tel: 6653 8082 (General Hotline)
Find out more about our Preschool at Woodlands

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