Pre-Nursery / Playgroup

Pre-Nursery / Playgroup

18 months – 2 years

Teacher-to-child ratio : 1 to 6

Our Pre-Nursery and Playgroup programmes are available as Full-day and Half-day Childcare options.

Many toddlers at this age may be nervous about being away from parents in their “first school experience”. Our Pre-Nursery teachers recognize the importance of relationship building and the need to provide a sense of security. We aid parents in this home-to-school transition by providing practical tips to ease your child’s separation anxiety. Close bonding activities and daily routines will help provide your child with a sense of stability and belonging, making Mulberry Learning a home away from home.

Starting from 18 months, we offer a bilingual learning environment with English as the main language and Chinese as the second. Mulberry Learning’s teaching pedagogy from Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten is based on our award-winning proprietary iDevelop / iExplore / iLearn / iExperience preschool curriculum model that provides each child with a comprehensive and holistic education that instils core skills, knowledge and intelligent thinking habits.

iDevelop– Develops intelligent thinking and behavioural dispositions through the established Habits of Mind™ framework, also adopted by Singapore’s Ministry of Education under its Gifted Education Programme, top Primary and Secondary schools, as well as many other leading educational institutions around the world.

iExplore – Nurtures the child’s interests and views to encourage self-directed learning through Reggio-inspired Project Inquiry that promotes exploration and discovery. The children become little scientific explorers as they engage in scientific research and experiments, conduct analysis of findings, and finally present their project findings to their class and parents!

iLearn – Enables the child to acquire domain knowledge through our signature Literacy and Numeracy programmes, as well as the range of S.T.E.A.M. enrichment programmes. Our signature programmes such as Literacy Fun™, Chinese Master™ and Math Quest™ help children develop strong literacy and mathematical skills and gain an impressive vocabulary of more than 4,500 English words and over 2,000 Chinese words by the age of 6.

iExperience – When children find themselves in environments that are aesthetically beautiful, soothing, full of wonder and discovery, they feel intrigued and eager to learn more. Our Reggio-inspired learning spaces feature beautiful and functional zones such as the Construction Piazza, Light Atelier, Discovery Cove and Imaginary Playscape, which serve to provide the children with a sensorial experience while stimulating their creativity and promoting divergent thinking.

In summary, our Pre-Nursery and Playgroup programmes emphasize child-initiated learning, empowering our young to explore and experience the world around them. Teachers plan and integrate language experiences, numeracy, music and movement, aesthetics and creativity, motor skills and social interactions through activities like circle time, puppet play, sensory art, and imaginary play. Physical development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills are achieved through play-based activities that concurrently allow your child to form close bonds with their friends. The knowledge and skills gained provide solid foundations for your child to progress on to the Nursery and Kindergarten years.

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