Mulberry Learning @ Kovan (Child Care)

Note: The images above are artist impression images of Mulberry Learning @ Kovan, and the upgrading will be done in phases starting 2H 2022. Special enrolment discounts are also available for students commencing in 2022!

Mulberry Learning @ Kovan is located in the heart of a landed residential community, and a short stroll away from open spaces of natural greenery. Our 2-storey preschool spans over 6,000 square feet, with creative learning spaces, conducive classrooms and spacious outdoor play areas for young children aged 18 months to 6 years to learn and grow in, under the loving eyes of our trained teachers.

As a Reggio-Emilia inspired preschool, Mulberry Learning @ Kovan is equipped with numerous signature learning corners that serve as platforms for experiential learning, giving children the chance to focus their attention on what interests them, as they explore and marvel at the world around them. A key highlight is also the spacious outdoor play area featuring zones like the Discovery Cove, Sand Play/Picnic Area, Water Play Studio, alongside a playground and cycling track. These facilities allow children to develop their gross motor skills and social skills, while stimulating  their senses, unleashing their creativity, and fueling  their natural desire to explore.

Information About Kovan Centre

We believe that children learn best in thoughtfully-curated surroundings. Unlike traditional preschools which utilise fixed classroom spaces, Mulberry Learning @ Kovan is designed with shared learning corners to encourage children to experience self-directed learning in our beautiful Reggio-inspired environment.

In our Reggio Emilia inspired classroom, your child will lead their own learning. Learning is done via a Project-Inquiry approach, with our preschool educators guiding research and offering help when required. Lessons are entirely child-focused and centred on the inquiries of students in the classroom. Your child will be allowed to have fun in the pursuit of knowledge as they study what they are interested in!

Your child will learn how to build relationships with their classmates, parents, preschool educators and the community. They will be taught to be aware of the needs of others around them. This translates into the idea of making friends with everyone in order to better understand their needs. Through constant interaction with others, your child will build character and gain valuable communication skills.

As part of Mulberry Learning’s promise to provide premium quality child care services, the centre has assembled a team of experienced and passionate staff members who are filled with love for children. Helming the team is the Centre Principal, who is a confident leader with an exuberant personality. The principal is professional and with years of experience to manage the centre and brings love for children with a sincere heart.

Parent Reviews
  • “Thank you for hearing our pleas and special requests! Such a relief for working parents like us to have an ease of mind, knowing that Inayah is safe and having a good time! Her educator goes the extra mile to make sure she can keep up with Chinese class. The principal is kind and jovial to all the kids and parents too! Her constant communication is commendable.”

    Farhath and Ahmad, parents of Inayah Zikra, Mulberry Learning @ Braddell

  • Thank you for taking care of Zydan, and nurturing him, so much so that he surprises us pleasantly with new aspects of his learning process every day. We are very grateful that our child loves school, his educators and his friends. It is heartwarming and gives us an immense sense of peace of mind that he enjoys learning in an environment that is full of warmth and motivation from every one of you - his educators!

    Naseema Banu, parent of Mohamed Al-Zydan, Alexandra

  • The educators have been extremely wonderful and patient with Jing Yun despite her quirkiness and unpredictable moods. Under their guidance, Jing Yun enjoys her lessons and is able to sing and dance songs that she learnt in school. She also loves to play the role of a ‘Educator’ at home, mimicking what the educators have done. She enjoys the time with the educators every morning be it eating her morning snacks or having educators read books to her to warm her up.

    Li Ling, parent of Ng Jing Yun, Tanjong Pagar

  • "Our girls took to Mulberry Learning immediately and we appreciate the dedication of the educators for getting to know the girls and adjusting their style of teaching to suit their personalities. Yan Laoshi and educator Jasmine took it upon themselves to make sure the girls got their foundation right and they are always encouraging us to be a part of the children’s learning process. We don’t speak a lot of mandarin at home so the Chinese Immersion programme really helped to introduce Chinese in a fun and natural setting. The girls learnt through daily conversations, songs, dance just to name a few. I was surprised that my younger daughter who is in K1 this year could pick up a Chinese book and actually read aloud on her own! Since my kids are older, I am naturally concerned about the curriculum more than anything. I am happy to see that there is a learning methodology in place so that learning is structured with progression.  My girls enjoy attending Mulberry Learning @ Fusionopolis. It is a place where learning is really so much fun. Special mention to Yan Laoshi, educator Jasmine and Ms Cherry. Thank you for creating a warm and safe environment to engage the kids and help them learn."

    Mr and Mrs Lin, parents of Sarah and Hannah (K1), Fusionopolis

  • Big thank you to the amazing educators for being creative and resilient to maintain a high standard of teaching during the difficult time. You have done a great job to make the centre a safe and happy place where my daughter Elise loves to go to every day!

    David Geng & Zoe Song, parents of Elise Geng, Cairnhill

  • Thank You to all educators at Mulberry Learning @ Marymount. They are very kind and I could tell that all of them really love kids. I know that my daughter is in good hands. Thanks for taking care of my daughter and showing her the right path. Yiran really likes all of you. Thank you for giving feedback on my kid’s progress and things that I should take care of her behavioral and emotional improvement. If every educator in this world were just as dedicated as you, no parent would ever have to worry about their kids. Thank you for your uncompromising and inspiring work.

    Zhang Han, parent of Hao Yiran, Marymount

Directions to Mulberry Learning @ Kovan

Address: 38 Poh Huat Crescent, Singapore 546871

From Kovan MRT Station (By Car)
Time: 4 Mins
Distance: 1.4 km

From Hougang MRT Station (By Car)
Time: 7 Mins
Distance: 2.7 km


Programmes Available @ Kovan Centre

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