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Why Mulberry Learning may be the right franchise for you

Everyone knows that starting a business is risky – only 1 in 10 eventually make it. There are in fact several ways to become a business owner, and not all are fraught with sleepless nights or 20-hour work days. A franchise model may be a viable option to consider, but the real question is how to choose the right franchise given the many options out there?


An established brand in the right industry

If you are reading this page, chances are you might already be eyeing a preschool franchise. The good news for you is that the preschool sector is fairly recession proof and stable, which makes for a good business to invest in amidst the global market turmoil and uncertainties in a post pandemic world.

To maximize your chances of success, experts say that it is preferable to choose a brand that parents are familiar with, and a brand that has a unique selling proposition. We are pleased to share that Mulberry Learning is an award-winning preschool brand with centres in Singapore and overseas countries. In recent years, Mulberry Learning has achieved accolades like “Best Early Learning Programme”, “Best Holistic Learning Programme” and it was also the only preschool brand to win the “Established Brands” award category in the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2020/21!

Mulberry Learning is also the first and only preschool network in the world to be certified by the USA for “Habits of Mind”. The “Habits of Mind” is a popular pedagogy from the USA used to nurture intelligent learning skills in children, and it has been used by the Education Ministry in Singapore to groom the brightest Gifted Education Programme (GEP) students.


Benefit from owning a business with strong systems

Being a business owner sounds good, but actually owning a B2C business usually comes with the dreaded task of having to deal with day-to-day operational issues, customer complaints, and also regulatory compliance with ECDA in the case of preschools. Not everyone enjoys handling these issues, and it is important to ensure that you have established systems, SOPs and procedures to guide you on what should be done in each aspect of operations.

With Mulberry Learning’s rigorous operational standards, policies and procedures, our Franchisees can have peace-of-mind, knowing that the knowledge base is there to support them in times of need. In special scenarios and unforeseen or black-swan type occurrences, the Franchisor is also just a phone call away to provide consultation and advice, if needed.


Read what our franchisees had to say about us:

“I chose Mulberry Learning because I like the beautiful learning spaces and unique approach towards education. Both my daughters attend Mulberry and they come home every day happy and inquisitive about the world around them. I have found them to be more self-confident and independent, and also less shy around strangers.

I decided to invest in a 2nd school after my good experience with the school at Marymount. The management model offered gives me the flexibility I need, and the team at Global EduHub has been professional and accommodating to our needs.”

— Audrey Tan, entrepreneur, business owner, blogger and Mulberry Learning franchisee since 2017.

“Owning a Mulberry Learning franchise has been most fulfilling and rewarding. We appreciate the strong support by the Global EduHub team. They work professionally, they helped us better manage cash flow in the initial growth phase, and the management model allows us to own the business without worrying about day-to-day operations.

Opening this childcare franchise was a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what questions to ask, but Global EduHub supported us in everything – with almost no need for us to worry as it is all planned! The best part, we could completely trust the Global EduHub team to manage and operate the franchise for us.”

— Ms Angie Law, Mulberry Learning franchisee since 2015


A franchise organization which supports your growth

You may have heard of some organizations who choose to grow extremely fast through franchising, only to be found later to be lacking in franchisee support. We are not one of those organizations. To us, building trust is important, and we believe that your success is ours too. We believe in providing the best support possible as the franchisor. Due to this commitment, Mulberry Learning has been awarded as “Promising Franchisor of the Year” in the 2016 edition, as well as “Established Franchisor” in the 2022 edition of the Franchising & Licensing Awards held in Singapore.


Choose between a master franchise or single unit franchise

Interested to open one or more schools in Singapore or overseas? Contact us today to submit your interest if you wish to be considered as our next franchise partner!

Click here to read more about the top questions you should ask your franchisor! 


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