Advisory Board

Our Global Research and Advisory Board

We are proud to have esteemed global educational professionals providing expert advice and guidance as we incorporate the latest educational approaches into our award-winning curriculum model to benefit thousands of children worldwide.

Arthur Costa

Professor Arthur L. Costa is Emeritus Professor of Education at California State University, Sacramento and Co-Founder of the Institute for Habits of Mind. Professor Costa discovered the Habits of Mind during his research in thinking skills and examining common traits of skilful thinkers. Habits of Mind has since revolutionized the way schools across the world teach thinking and in Singapore, the ideas are incorporated into the Ministry of Education’s Gifted Education Programme (GEP) for the brightest Primary School students. Active in many professional organizations in the US, he has served as President of the California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and was the National President of Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development from 1988 to 1989. He was also the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Urban Alliance in 2010.

Leher Singh

Dr Leher Singh is Associate Professor and Director of Research at the Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore. Dr. Singh did her PhD at Brown University and her research examines topics such as early spoken word recognition and word learning in infants, infant predictors of childhood language abilities, language development in the first two years of a child’s life, factors that help children acquire their first language, and the effect of bilingualism on social, cognitive and language development in children. Dr Singh is frequently featured on talk shows and press interviews by leading media platforms such as Channel News Asia and the Straits Times.

Branton Shearer

Dr Branton Shearer is a neuropsychologist and the creator of the Multiple Intelligences Developmental Scales (MIDAS). He developed the MIDAS in 1987 under the auspices of Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University. The MIDAS has been used globally for a wide range of applications including career guidance, subject guidance, study strategies, team building and increasing social emotional development. Dr Shearer is an instructor at Kent State University and the president of Multiple Intelligences Research and Consulting, Inc. which has received numerous grants from private foundations and schools to work with teachers in devising creative strategies for implementing MIDAS in classrooms and for restructuring schools. He has also authored many books, including “Mindful Education for ADHD Students: Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction Using Multiple Intelligences” And “Creating Extra-Ordinary Teachers”.

Henry Toi

Dr Henry Toi is the Dean of Research and Curriculum Development at Global EduHub. Dr Toi is also the founder of Nurture Craft International, a group of companies specialising in developing curriculum and teaching for a wide range of students ages. He has developed a series of award-winning Phonics books for preschool students and authored several books including Habits of SUCCESS and his latest book, Thrive, reengineering your mind for growth, was awarded the Golden Door – REX Karmaveer Medal. Dr Toi’s passion is in the area of teaching for thinking and he has developed an online assessment tool for the Habits of Mind. He holds a Degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore, a Masters of Education from RMIT University in Melbourne and a Doctor of Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business, Adelaide.

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