Voices of Mulberry Parents
  • “Teacher Marie is kind, sincere and approachable. She has helped Titus a lot in various areas. I've also received good feedback from Titus about Teacher Marie and he shared that he will miss her after he finishes K2. This shows that she has built a certain level of trust and relationship with him which I'm very appreciative of. Good job, Teacher Marie! :)”

    Ong Yen Peng, parent of Titus Lee (K2), Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra

  • The weekly updates (together with photos and explanations) have been most useful and memorable for us parents. Lai Yule is picking up so quickly, she can now sing so many songs. Thank you! - Chua Siew Boon (Yule's Mummy)
  • My daughter has shown a lot of improvement. In this period of 2 months, she can now say things like, "Mommy, what are you doing?" and "I want." She can also sing "Twinkle Little Star" now. - Dora Santi Jusuf (Crystal's Mummy)
  • A caring environment where the Principal and teachers make an effort to remember every child’s name to make them feel welcomed. Hugs are given; parents are assured that their child is in good hands. Christelle is improving in her speech and counting; she also sings and dance more actively than before. It is a pleasure to see her enjoying school and settling into this loving place. Special thanks to Teacher Carol and Madam Lee on their attentiveness to the child. For always being patient, and the frequent updates on her progress. - Ngan Lai Yee (Christelle's Mummy)
  • The teachers are wonderful. Teacher Cherry is very patient and Xin Lao Shi, the Chinese teacher, is ever so helpful and wise in handling children. Zhang Lao Shi is very lovely too. Mrs. May, the Principal, is very supportive of the children and her teachers. I heard one of my sons commented that Mrs. May is a very kind lady. The school is fun-filled, purposeful and aims to fulfil the needs of every child. - Quek Siew Kee (Francisco Garcia's Mummy)
  • "Our son Siddhanta has been with Mulberry since June 2013. As a new mother, I was anxious when I enrolled Sid to Playgroup, not knowing what to expect and most importantly, whether my child would be safe and well taken care of amidst the new faces and other kids. However, I am more than delighted with my decision. Mulberry has proven to be an integral and beautiful part of Sid’s journey to the world of program is conductive to learning & exploration in a structured, progressive fun-filled way. Learning by observing older children is facilitated by the open classroom layout. Along with academics, holistic personality development is also given importance. Well-planned extra curricular programs for the afternoon session such as swimming, music & movement, fun with science and etc, leave young absorbing minds wanting for more. Mulberry also fosters parents' involvement in their child's learning thought weekly updates and parent teacher meeting sessions. We can see confidence, discipline and inquisitiveness develop in our son. His eagerness to go to school each morning & a smiling face at pick-up time reassures us that Mulberry is the right place for our child. Teaching with love, nutritious meals, safe and a hygienic environment - we definitely recommend Mulberry to parents. Kudos to the staff JE Mulberry. Thank you for everything" - Namratha & Vinay Nayak (Siddhanta Nayak's Parent)
  • As a parent, I entrusted my greatest blessing to the staff at Mulberry every day. And I am grateful for the loving care and guidance my boys had received. The teachers and Principal look at each child as an individual who has their own strength and needs. My two boys have been blessed with awesome teachers who understand their challenges, and handled them with grace. My child has learned so much and continues to share with me the great activities that goes on every day at "school!" Thank you, Mulberry Learning Centre organization, for an incredibly early childhood curriculum that engages and teaches at every single stage of the day. Also, a special thanks to Teacher Tara & Teacher Noreen; they continue to do amazing works of "heart" with all children. - Serene Ke
  • Shauna not only enjoys the company of her Teachers and classmates, she also enjoys the big ‘kor-kor & ‘jie-jies’ from the other classes that she gets to meet and learn from every day. The library visits really excites her. She remembers the names of all her Teachers and classmates and will always mention them even over the weekends at home. We see tremendous improvement in her fear to shower too. However, the most pleasing thing to us is that she managed to cut down her reliance of her pillow (chou chou) through the teachers’ patience and encouragement. The outside classroom learning is also very interesting and the school keeps us updated with Shauna’s learning with weekly photos and curriculum emails so that we can also reinforce the things she has learned in school. We will recommend friends to enrol their child in this centre as we have seen the commitment of the teachers and its enriching programmes. - Sharon (Shauna's Mummy)
  • My child is Lim Shi Xuan (Lincoln) who is attending N1 class currently. We enrolled him into Mulberry Learning Centre @ Jurong East mid July 2013, into their PN class. Lincoln enjoys going to school as he gets to be with his friends & his darling teachers and have loads of fun learning together. At MLC @ JE, Lincoln picks up an inquisitive nose under his teachers' strong encouragement and becomes a keen learner at his own pace. MLC @ JE as undoubtedly earned a highly recommended reputation in Jurong neighbourhood alongside with its strong team od dedicated experienced staff. The unwavering care & commitment well deserves kudos from parents. Well done, teacher! - Georina Lim (Lincoln's's Mummy)
  • Elizabeth has been with Mulberry (Jurong East) since N2 and she is now in K2. Throughout this period, Mulberry has proven itself to be a preschool centre that not only focuses on curriculum competency but also places strong emphasis on developing the child's skills and potential through to optimise the child's attention span through engaging her in interactive activities and project based learning. This includes exploring the wet market, taking MRT rides to other neighbourhoods, observing the birds insects in the park and vising classmate's home. I must also add that Mulberry is committed to involving parents in the children's curriculum to involving parents in the children's learning. To this end, there are weekly email updates on the curriculum complete with photographs of children in action, regular parents-children activities such as parents' day. Chinese New Year lion dance, etc. as well as Meet-the-Teachers sessions. The teachers such as Teacher Tara and Teacher Noreen are very patience and look after the specific needs of each child. They are also very approachable and helpful whenever we need assistance or have special requests. - Vincent Wong (Elizabeth's Daddy)
  • My heartfelt thanks for your love and concern throughout the past 16 months of caring for Seth. You have no idea how many countless times I have thanked my lucky stars to have found you all – Genuine educators who are not only qualified on paper, but have a passion for your work as well. Under your loving care, we have seen Seth grown from a tiny infant who needed to be snuggled and swaddled into the independent and cheeky toddler (who says “MA!” all the time) that he is right now. This amazing and exponential growth would not have been possible without all your care and interaction with him. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you've done. Stay wonderful and tame to your work always. Mulberry Acer is indeed blessed to have you with them. - Germaine (Seth's Mummy) / Ray (Seth's Daddy)
    • Unconditional love was showered on our kids.
    • Professional Pre-School Educators.
    • Attentive to our little ones' needs & emotions.
    • Closely Knitted & cohesive team of teachers.
    • High awareness of Centre’s cleanliness and personal hygiene.
    • Good parental teacher involvement in the learning journey.
    • Receptiveness to parent's feedback and suggestion.
    - Mummy Kong
  • Nerissa started attending Mulberry @ Acer when she was 10 weeks old and we always feel safe leaving her in school as we know she is in good hands. We trust the teachers in Mulberry @ Acer as they are caring, patient and helpful. We are informed of any events and happenings in the school and given updates of Nerissa periodically. There is a special bond that Nerissa shares with her teachers. Thank you Mulberry @ Acer. - Nerissa's Mummy
  • Our son Bastian loves going to school. He loves his teacher and he loves having so many friends. The reason why we love Mulberry is because the staff are very friendly & nice and they truly care for our son’s learning and happiness. - Dorothee Clappaz (Bastian's Mummy)

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