Brand Partner Programme

Give complimentary uniforms, get $100 for yourself
At Mulberry Learning, we recognise the value of family and friends within our community and the benefits of cultivating such relationships. We share good things with our loved ones and in doing so, we hope to benefit them.
Mulberry Learning’s Brand Partner Programme
Share Mulberry Learning with your friends and when they successfully enrol in our centre, their child will receive a complimentary set of AM and PM student uniform and you’ll receive a $100 shopping voucher as a token of appreciation. Interested to be become one of our Brand Partner? Fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with you to share more information!

Ten typical costs of enrolling your child in preschool.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I join the Brand Partner Programme?

    Interested applicants would need to submit their details through our online form, Mulberry Learning’s team will get in touch with the applicant within 3 business days.

    What benefits do the new parents receive when I refer them?

    New parents who have successfully enrolled their children in Mulberry Learning’s preschool will receive a complimentary set of AM and PM uniform. For parents who have enrolled their children in our Infant Care, a special gift set would be given instead of the uniform.

    If the referred parent has enrolled two children (siblings) in the centre, what rewards am I entitled to?

    In total, you will receive a $200 shopping voucher for the enrolment of two children in the family. The reward is $100 voucher for each child referred and registered.

    How do I know if any parent has signed up for a School Tour?

    Partners will receive a unique Brand Partner Code in which they should use when referring new parents. When Mulberry Learning receives a new parent request for a school tour with your unique Brand Partner Code, or team will notify you within 3 business days.

    How do I know if the referred parents have enroled their children?

    Mulberry Learning team will update the partner on a bi-weekly basis to share the enrolment status of the specific parents.

    Is there a contractual period of this Brand Partner Programme?

    No, brand partners are not bound by any contract.

    What happens if the parent particulars are already in Mulberry Learning database?

    If the referred parent’s detail already exists in Mulberry Learning database before the School Tour date, this parent will not qualify for the Brand Partner Programme. As such, there will be no referral reward given to the Brand Partner.

    For further enquiries, please email us at [email protected]

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