Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra (Infant Care & Childcare)

Located near to Bukit Merah and Queenstown estates and just a short walk away from Redhill MRT, Mulberry Learning’s 11,000 square foot preschool centre located in Alexandra is one of the newest centres in the brand’s line-up.

A wondrous learning space crafted by our educational experts, the centre at Alexandra is a place where children can learn to appreciate the world around them. Large, full-length windows bathe the school in warm, natural light daily, and exquisite splashes of colour line our walls, adding to the natural beauty of the surroundings. Infant Care and Childcare programmes are available at this centre.

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Voted as “Singapore’s Best Holistic Curriculum” for 3 years running by leading parenting publications, and most recently recording a double win at the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2020/21, bagging the Winner and Overall Winner awards for the Established Brands category! 🏆

Book a School Tour now and speak to our highly-qualified educators to learn more about Mulberry Learning’s proprietary award-winning curriculum, Habits of Mind programme and explore our Reggio-inspired learning spaces.

Exclusive Enrolment Promotions (15 Aug 2022 - 10 Sep 2022)

1. Receive Shopping Voucher Worth Up To $800*
2. 50% Off Registration Fees
3. Free Starter Kit
4. Free set of AM and PM uniforms

Note: The Exclusive Enrolment Promotion is effective from 15 Aug 2022 to 10 Sep 2022. Parents are advised to check with our centre to find out the current promotion!

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    Information About Alexandra Centre

    Creative learning spaces crafted by educational experts

    The school is host to a set of wonderful educational facilities, for both infants and pre-schoolers.

    For infants, Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra has an entire room that caters to children of this younger age group. Baby gym equipment allows for development of gross motor skills early, and the room is constantly bathed in warm light, creating a cosy environment for young children. This creates a wholesome and safe environment for children to attain their first milestones of development in. The infant care facilities are also parent-friendly, and come equipped with a room for breastfeeding mothers.

    For pre-schoolers, these facilities range from various learning corners stocked with toys and various materials for learning to a lushly decorated nook for reading. The learning corners serve as tools for experiential learning, giving students the chance to focus their attention on what interests them, whilst at the same time teaching them new lessons in the process. There are also a variety of different activities that students are able to engage in at these learning spaces, such as the ‘Busy Baker’ program. At these corners, ‘Finger Gym’ activities that help to sharpen fine motor skills are available as well.

    The team at Alexandra has also set aside a space for a ‘Reading Nook’ – a quiet, luxuriously decorated corner that provides an area for children to read. The inviting plush rugs and cushions ensure that children will be able to fully immerse themselves into their fantasy worlds when they read there.

    Luxurious indoor play area for young children

    Learning aside, the centre also allows children to unleash their imagination boundlessly and have fun. The school is home to a 3,000 square foot play area. Entirely indoor, safe from environmental hazards, and well-stocked with playground equipment, the play area serves as a safe, clean haven for children to have a ball of a time. Apart from the classic fare of slides and swings, the play area is also equipped with a sandpit to diversify the fun activities available to children and allow them to engage in tactile learning as well.

    Nurturing team of educators

    Not only does the centre have these best in class facilities, it also has a team of quality staff as well. Consisting of a mix of passionate, engaging, and experienced educators, the team at Alexandra have a passion for teaching that translates into engaging and powerful lessons for every child at the centre.

    Such teachers include Teacher Sarwindar, the Vice-Principal at the centre. With over twenty years of experience, she brings her wisdom from the years on the job as well as from her years of motherhood to ensure that the students she cares for get the education they deserve. Teacher Sarwindar’s achievements and abilities are highly representative of the calibre of the rest of the team, and this helps to ensure effective, efficient learning for students enrolled in the school.

    Parent Reviews
    • Ong Yen Peng, parent of Titus Lee (K2), Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra

      “Teacher Marie is kind, sincere and approachable. She has helped Titus a lot in various areas. I've also received good feedback from Titus about Teacher Marie and he shared that he will miss her after he finishes K2. This shows that she has built a certain level of trust and relationship with him which I'm very appreciative of. Good job, Teacher Marie! :)”
    • Chew Chen Li, parent of Hannah Pua (K2) and Daniel Pua (N2), Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra

      “Xu Lao Shi has been working tirelessly through the year to nurture the students under her care. She is very patient, and knows how to handle the children. She also has a good rapport with the children, and you can tell that she really cares for wants the best for the children. I think her attitude and positivity is highly commendable, and it also rubs off the children, who become interested and start to love the Chinese language.”
    • Pua Khian Hong, parent of Hannah Pua (K2) and Daniel Pua (N2), Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra

      “Kudos to the team at Alexandra. One of the main reasons why we stayed on was the teachers who took extra care and were committed to their cause as early educators. Tr Sarwin has taught both our children. Throughout our time at Mulberry, we saw her relentless dedication towards the kids as well as to her duty as an early educator - either through the care directly given or indirectly through her observations and feedback given to us. She is patient with kids yet firm when push comes to shove.”
    Directions to Mulberry Learning @ Alexandra

    Address: 12 Hoy Fatt Road, #02-01 Bryton House, Singapore 159506

    From Redhill MRT Station (By Walking)
    Time: 9 Mins
    Distance: 750 Meters

    From Redhill MRT Station (By Car)
    Time: 4 Mins
    Distance: 1.1 km

    Programmes Available @ Alexandra Centre

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