Home-Based Learning for Preschoolers

Mulberry Learning’s Reggio-Inspired Award-Winning Curriculum from the comfort of your home!

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While many parents are already familiar with Home-Based Learning for Primary School, Secondary School, or Junior College school-going kids, not many know that preschoolers can have #HBL too! In fact, it is even more essential to keep young children engaged when everyone is staying at home, especially since many parents are now working from home.

Preschoolers often require more guidance as you cannot simply throw them an assessment book or get them to “study”. Instead, they need to be engaged through the stimulation of their five senses. Since many parents’ aren’t exactly the experts in homeschooling young children, teachers at Mulberry Learning have been and are still working very hard to support our parents at home. Each week, teachers are busy filming, editing, and uploading videos for Home-Based Learning for our Mulberrians.

These videos are specially crafted, with a careful focus to ensure that it still follows our Reggio-inspired award-winning curriculum, even when children are completing them at home.

With a plethora of online and offline lessons, covering learning in all areas: Music, Arts, Languages, and Science, there is definitely something for everyone!

Our Signature Programmes

Mulberry Learning’s Home-Based Learning

Over the past week, some of our Mulberrians’ parents have been sharing wonderful pictures and videos with us, showcasing how their child had fun while completing the numerous fun activities with their virtual teachers!

Music and Dance

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Children enjoy moving to the beat and grooves of music. Simple songs with repetitive words and tunes help them to widen their vocabulary and improves their rhythmic sense. By following basic dance steps, they also get to sharpen their fine-gross motor skills and enhances a child’s creativity.

Science Experiments

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Which material moves faster? Why does it move faster? Commonly-found household objects can easily be used as props for science experiments. Our Home-Based Learning also incorporates some age-appropriate science experiments to invoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in young children.

Art and Craft

Mulberry Learning Home Based Learning

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Art and Craft allows children to display their creativity and trains their fine-gross motor skills. Essential skills like cutting, pasting, drawing, colouring, learning the names of colours can come into play in these activities!

Learning English

Mulberry Learning Home Based Learning

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English is acquired through contextual and hands-on experiential learning activities while incorporating song and dance! At Mulberry Learning, children will acquire an impressive vocabulary of more than 4,500 English words by age 6! Our preschoolers learn phonetic sounds of individual alphabets and how these sounds are blended to form words through the renowned Rigby Star Phonics programme.

Chinese Lessons

Home Based Learning Chinese

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At Mulberry Learning, preschoolers learn how to listen, read, speak, and write proficiently in the Chinese language under the tutelage of native Chinese teachers. Especially when most households in Singapore communicate primarily in English, these Home-Based Chinese lessons are vital to ensure your child gets a healthy dose of Chinese every week!


Video Credit: @troodss

Numeracy skills go beyond learning how to count; children need to understand the properties of shapes, identify patterns and recognise relationships. Learning these essential skills need not be a mundane activity as we can also incorporate a little bit of art and craft, and even using Chinese to learn the names of shapes!

Our Award-Winning Curriculum

Converse with Teachers in Real-Time!

Some of our Mulberrians also got a chance to speak with their teachers over live chat once every two days! They were happy to see their teachers through a screen and were excited to share what they have been doing at home. This also allows teachers to check on the developmental progress of our preschoolers and parents can also communicate with teachers should they have any questions during this #circuitbreaker period.

With all these activities going on through the Circuit Breaker weeks, there’s surely sufficient material to keep your little ones occupied. Should you want more Home-Based Learning ideas, these 8 fun things to do at home with young children would give you some more resources!

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Together, let’s all stay home, stay safe, and protect our loved ones. We can overcome COVID-19! #stayunited

Photo Credit: @yen_jc

About Mulberry Learning

Established in 2006, Mulberry Learning is an award-winning Reggio-inspired preschool with 11 locations around Singapore. Mulberry Learning is the world’s first and only preschool network certified by the USA for the Habits of MindTM framework, and its curriculum has been voted as “Singapore’s Best Holistic Learning Programme” for 3 years running by leading parenting publications.

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