iLearn – Core Literacy & STEAM Programmes - Mulberry

iLearn – Core Literacy & STEAM Programmes

iLearn – Core Literacy & STEAM Programmes

iLearn – Learning Core Foundational & STEAM Concepts

Technology is advancing at a tremendous pace, especially in the field of robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). This has led many to predict that half of the existing jobs could disappear within 15 years.

This can already be seen in most factory production lines, where robots and AI are used for automation and have already taken over “repetitive” jobs. This trend could spill over to the “white-collar” tasks in the fields of accounting, healthcare, marketing, law, hospitality, and many others.

However, there is a silver lining to this dystopian prediction of the future. A pioneer in artificial intelligence, Kai-Fu Lee, acknowledges that AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind, but with the right skills, humans can survive, thrive and stand out in the new age of AI.

One of the four components of the proprietary Mulberry Learning curriculum model, iLearn is designed to equip your child with the skills, dispositions and competencies necessary to thrive in this future world. It includes programmes that cover core foundational learning supplemented with STEAM based enrichment as an extension of these learnings.


iLearn – Core Foundational Learning Programmes

iLearn’s core programmes provides the child with a solid foundation in early literacy, bilingualism and mathematics.

  • LiteracyFun™ – This structured and progressive English programme is designed to build competency in English.  Children will develop an expressive vocabulary of more than 4,500 words by the age of six. Children indulge in books by world-class authors and readers from the renowned Rigby Star Phonics programme, while honing their early reading, listening, speaking and writing skills through a myriad of fun activities.


  • Chinese Master™ – Taught by native Mandarin teachers, children learn how to listen, read, speak and write proficiently in Mandarin. The programme helps children recognize different tonal sounds and character origins, while imparting moral values through the Chinese classic Di Zi Gui (弟子规). By the time children reach six years of age, they will be familiar with over 2,000 words and know more than 80 Chinese idioms and 16 classic Chinese poems like Ming Ri Ge (明日歌).


  • Math Quest™ – A vast array of activities, toys, games and materials are adopted to impart simple mathematical concepts that build a child’s logical thinking. Children are given engaging learning materials to help them develop an understanding of counting, patterns, relationships, measurements, shapes and spatial concepts, alongside addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by the age of six.


iLearn – STEAM Based Enrichment Programmes

STEAM, the acronym for science, technology, engineering, art and math is all around us. While these may appear to be big concepts for preschool children, our curriculum integrates these concepts into the children’s daily activities. Children learn these big concepts by inquiry and exploration through books, discussions, experiments, art projects and educational games.

At Mulberry Learning, these concepts are learnt via a range of highly engaging and exciting STEAM based enrichment activities that hones their creative, problem solving and critical thinking skills while having fun!

  • KidZ can Cook!
  • Little Newton
  • Picasso KidZ
  • Music Mooves
  • KidZ can DO!
  • Photon – Robotics & Coding
  • JR Performs (English Musical Production)
  • JP Plays (English Musical Movement)
  • Chinese Bud Programme (Speech & Drama)
  • Art Bug Programme


Academic excellence is still very much needed today and in the future. However, academic excellence is not enough. At Mulberry we know that developing character and nurturing the whole child is just as important.

Which is why Mulberry Learning strives to provide the children with not only critical skills but to instil in them positive habits and thinking dispositions through the Habits of Mind™.

In his book, Lee mentions that the jobs of the future will require creative, compassionate and empathetic leaders who create trust, build teams, inspire service and communicate effectively. This is effectively what Mulberry Learning seeks to achieve with its unique award-winning pedagogy. Mulberry nurtures The Future Ready Child.


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