Mulberry Learning @ Kallang (Infant Care & Child Care)

Mulberry Learning @ Kallang (Infant Care & Child Care)

Nestled amid lush greenery and flanked by the picturesque Kallang River, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang provides a safe and traffic-free environment for children to enjoy a range of outdoor activities and learn about nature on a daily basis. From water games at the water playground to football on the open lawn, kite flying, observing and learning about otters, watching the dragon boaters, having a picnic under the trees, and participating in various events that Sports Hub offers, the list of activities is endless! Conveniently located at the bustling Singapore Sports Hub, just a short walk from Stadium MRT Station, Kallang Wave Mall, and the Tanjong Rhu residential enclave, our centre offers a world-class learning environment to help your child be future-ready.

As an award-winning Reggio-Emilia-inspired preschool, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang is equipped with various learning corners that serve as tools for experiential learning with numerous opportunities for creative thinking and exploration of both indoors and the great outdoors, providing children with multiple possibilities to learn from each other and our environment, with teachers facilitating the process.

Parents with young children can look forward to enrolling their children in a quality preschool. Mulberry Learning’s award-winning preschool offering will provide the new generation of working parents with high-quality early childhood education for infants aged 2 to 17 months and preschoolers aged 18 months to 6 years old.

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Voted as “Singapore’s Best Holistic Curriculum” for 3 years running by leading parenting publications, and recently recorded a double win at the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2020/21, bagging the Winner and Overall Winner awards for the Established Brands category! 🏆

Express your interest in a School Tour and speak to our highly-qualified educators to learn more about Mulberry Learning’s proprietary award-winning curriculum and explore our Reggio-inspired learning spaces.

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Learning Spaces at Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

Beautifully designed spaces are hallmarks of the Mulberry Learning Centre environment. We believe that our children learn best in thoughtfully curated surroundings. That is why we spare no effort in creating a physical canvas that stimulates their senses, unleashes their innate creativity, and encourages their natural desire to explore. Here is a glimpse of both the indoor and outdoor environment at our Kallang centre.

Children at Mulberry Kallang can look forward to daily outdoor playtime! Children will enjoy various exciting amenities at the Sports Hub in a safe, traffic-free environment, giving them plenty of options to get active and creative. With the guidance of our experienced teachers, they can engage in playful learning and skill-building activities, all while soaking up the morning sunshine and boosting their immunity.

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Mulberry Learning’s Habits of Mind™ Framework

Habits of Mind™ is about knowing how to behave intelligently and respond effectively to uncertainty or dilemmas. It provides children of all ages a framework for autonomous learning, critical thinking and effective inquiry. These habits are introduced to the child by infusing them into the curriculum and delivered through daily lessons and activities.

Mulberry Learning is the first and only preschool in Singapore to be certified by The Institute for Habits of Mind.


Being the only preschool in Singapore to infuse the Habits of Mind™ framework into its curriculum, Mulberry Learning is also the first to provide an assessment platform called “The Habits of Mind Assessment Tool (THOMAS)” to measure and analyze the development of these habits in the child. With THOMAS, educators and parents will have access to a report that provides greater insight into the child’s growth of these intelligent habits.

Mulberry Learning – Habits of Mind™: Creating, Imagining & Innovating

As one of the 12 specially curated Habits of Mind™ infused into Mulberry Learning’s curriculum, Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations means developing a more profound understanding by applying thinking from one situation to another.

This habit guides the child on the importance of building on and applying past knowledge to learn more productively and effectively. The more the child learns, the more past knowledge they would possess that can be applied to situations that call for it.

The Habits of Mind™ framework is incorporated into the Ministry of Education’s Gifted Education Programme.


Why Mulberry Learning?

Mulberry Learning has a genuinely unique preschool curriculum incorporating the Reggio Emilia methodology and Habits of Mind™. It includes signature programmes like Literacy Fun™ and Chinese Master™ that will nurture your child into a competent explorer, an imaginative thinker and a creative problem solver.

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Parent Reviews
  • Parents of Clovelle, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “To all teachers at Mulberry @ Kallang - thank you so much for your love, care, and dedication towards nurturing the young ones. Clovelle’s truly blessed to be so well taken care of by all of you. Keep inspiring the little ones & we appreciate all of your efforts.
  • John and Gren, Parents of Tiberius, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “Teaching is a work of heart! Thank you to all the teachers and staff for being such awesome educators. Your dedication and patience never cease to amaze us. Tiberius is blessed to be learning in such a loving environment.”
  • Parents of Sierra, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “Thank you so much for everything that you do. There is nothing in this world that can be the biggest support for children than teachers who motivate and encourage them, alongside us as parents. We are really blessed that Sierra has found such amazing and caring teachers, who have not only helped Sierra transition to attending school, but also to life in Singapore. Sierra's love for you all is so evident as she leans towards each and everyone of you to carry her into school with a big smile every morning. Thank you all for making school a home away from home, and creating so much happiness in Sierra everyday.”
  • Parents of B, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “I was worried about how she would fare in a new environment but the school has proven to be the best decision we've made for her! We watched her advancing fast in her physical and mental developmental milestones despite being behind before joining. To all the teachers and staff of Mulberry Kallang, thanks for making their world a better place~ You guys are doing a wonderful job!”
  • Kelvin and Pelecia, Parents of Jarrod, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    “Thank you to teachers for taking such good care of Jarrod, keeping him safe, happy and loved and I'm able to work peacefully knowing that he's in your good hands. Thank you for all the patience and kindness you have shown to him and to us. Words cannot express how appreciative and thankful I am to all of you. The effort and dedication from all of you are not unrecognized and I really appreciate the foundation you are setting for him in his growing years. I am so happy to see him adapting so well in school and it's all thanks to all of you. To all the other teachers in Mulberry Kallang, thank you for always welcoming Jarrod when he reaches school and all the dedication and hard work you put in for all the children under your care!
  • Thanh and Ben, Parents of Emilia, Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

    For helping nurture dear Emilia - special gratitude to Infant class teachers Linda, Jessie, Ashlynn and all others supporting. Emilia has had a very happy first year in the world thanks to you.

Mulberry Learning’s Educators

The driving force behind Mulberry Learning’s award-winning curriculum is our team of dedicated educators!

At Mulberry Learning, we believe that our educators play an essential role in a child’s learning and development. Educators nurture, inspire, care and guide children to achieve their growth milestones. They are trained by Behaviour Experts to attain behaviour management skillsets and are experienced in managing the classroom & guiding the students to develop a positive mindset.

With over 250 hours of training in all work areas, Mulberry Learning’s preschool educators embody and impart our Reggio-Inspired Curriculum that supports child-centric learning. To ensure quality and consistency, all Mulberry Learning educators undergo our comprehensive i-InspireTM Educator Growth Model, which covers our hands-on induction programme, continual training to keep abreast of the latest curriculum trends and early childhood pedagogies, as well as providing a structured framework for their professional development.

Ready For School, Ready For Life

Mulberry Learning is committed to ensuring that your child is equipped with intelligent thinking habits, good social skills, and superior language and numeracy capabilities to prepare them as they progress to Primary School and beyond.

By age 6, your child would have developed an expressive vocabulary of more than 4,500 English words, be familiar with more than 2,000 Chinese characters and have a firm grasp of mathematical concepts. Their Project Inquiry experiences equip them with research capabilities and give them the confidence to present their findings.

Nurture your Future-Ready Child with Mulberry Learning today!

Ever wondered if you’re doing enough for your child? Get a clearer picture of how to get your child ready for Primary 1 and beyond. Book a slot for our event and chat with our friendly principal.


Quality Infant Care & Childcare Programmes


Infant care
2 – 17 Months


18 – 30 Months


Nursery 1
3 Years Old


Nursery 2
4 Years Old


Kindergarten 1
5 Years Old


Kindergarten 2
6 Years Old

Infant Care

Mulberry Learning Infant Care

Mulberry Learning’s Infant Care in Singapore offers Full-Day and Half-Day care options for babies and toddlers aged 2 to 17 months.

Experiential Learning has been considered by experts as one of the most interesting, engaging, and effective ways to acquire new concepts. At Mulberry Learning, our programme focuses on using Experiential Learning as the primary approach for infants and toddlers, enabling them to develop and learn through their reflections and experiences. Children are encouraged to be expressive mini-explorers as they navigate our beautifully-crafted learning spaces and discover how to play with classic toys, musical instruments, and textural materials.


Mulberry Learning offers Full-Day and Half-Day care options for children aged 18 months to 6 years. Classes are divided into 5 levels – Pre-Nursery, Nursery 1, Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 & Kindergarten 2.

With a vision of nurturing well-rounded children with imaginative minds, positive attitudes and strength of character, Mulberry Learning has developed a proprietary preschool curriculum that promises a fun bilingual learning experience, providing each child with a comprehensive and holistic education by nurturing core skills and knowledge, alongside intelligent thinking habits and dispositions.

Interested to find out more about our signature programmes? Register for a School Tour and have a chat with our friendly principal.

Directions to Mulberry Learning @ Kallang

Address: 8 Stadium Walk, #02-05 Water Sports Centre, Singapore 397699

Contact number: 93877181


  • Park at Kallang Wave Mall, Carpark B, Zone B11
  • Take the lift to the 1st floor
  • Take the exit closest to Starbucks
  • Veer right and walk towards the big sign which says “Water Sports Centre” located atop a flight of stairs
  • Take the stairs/ramp ahead of you
  • Mulberry Learning @ Kallang will be on your left

From Stadium MRT Station (Circle line)

  • Take Exit A
  • Walk straight ahead towards the big sign which says “Water Sports Centre” located atop a flight of stairs
  • Take the stairs/ramp ahead of you
  • Mulberry Learning @ Kallang will be on your left

Walking from Tanjong Rhu Residential Area

  • After crossing Tanjong Rhu Bridge, make a left
  • Walk about 50 meters till you reach a light blue standalone building located atop an elevated grass patch
  • Take the ramp on your left
  • Mulberry Learning @ Kallang will be on your right

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