Nurturing Global Citizens through our International Friendship Project 2021

Nurturing Global Citizens through our International Friendship Project 2021

Living in our little red dot, Singapore, has its perks. We enjoy a multitude of different cultures and our children grow up making friends of different races. But how many of them have opportunities to interact with other children across the globe?

What’s unique about Mulberry Learning is that our Mulberrians are given opportunities to develop global awareness, learn about other cultures, interact and communicate with children of different nationalities across 4 countries!

Especially in 2021 when the world is still battling Coronavirus and when all of our travelling plans have come to a halt, children are still able to participate virtually, in cross-border collaborative projects.

Over 240 children across 4 countries!

Mulberry Learning’s International Friendship Project started in 2018 with over 125 participants from Singapore, China and Australia. In 2019, we welcomed children from our partner preschool in Panama and in our third run this year, we are proud to have over 240 participants across 4 countries!

Launch of the International Friendship Project 2021

In April, our little Mulberrians have embarked on an exciting 4-month long project with our partner preschools in China (Mulberry Learning), Australia (Inspira Kids) and Panama (Cleverest Early Education). The International Friendship Project is Mulberry Learning’s way of commemorating International Friendship Day and to celebrate the rich diversity of different nationalities, cultures, ethnicities, food, and music we have across all 4 countries.

With the increasingly interconnected world, the international friendship project allows Mulberry Learning’s children to learn from diverse cultures, appreciate cultural nuances, and make new friends across the globe. True to our goal of nurturing the Future Ready Child, don’t you think that this gives your child an essential edge in the future world?

Our expert curriculum team members have planned out a series of activities to guide children to get to know more about their new friends with one activity every month from April to July.

Activity 1: Introducing myself to my new friends!

The first activity was to help children introduce themselves to their new friends. Just like how they will encounter new friends when they start Primary school, this gives them a safe and nurturing environment to trial run that entire process!

Children created a self-portrait of themselves using a variety of materials, while some even attached a photograph of themselves alongside a written description of who they are and what they enjoy doing.

Johnny, Mulberry Learning @ Beijing, China

Activity 2: I’m sharing with you my favourite food!

Did you know that different cultures have different ideas and preferences towards food? Yet with the rise of global fast food chains, children around the world can have somewhat similar tastebuds too!

The next activity allows children to get creative as they think about their favourite food and then share it! It also allows parents to participate in this meaningful project with their child, documenting how they make it and coming up with their very own recipe!

Through the activity, the children found out that many of them do enjoy burgers, and also discovered new types of food like Pumpkin Mantou and Tacos!

Shin Thong,  Mulberry Learning @ Fusionopolis, Singapore

Lucia, Cleverest Early Education, Panama

Activity 3: Let’s Listen to Some Folk Music!

What are some of the popular songs in your country? Are they the same as mine?

As simple and innocent this question is, do we as adults know the answer to that? Let’s find out through our Mulberrians’ new friends!

In the third part of this series, children, with the help of their teachers will make a video of their classmates singing a folk song from their country.

Activity 4: We’re dressing up in our National Costumes

Children love dressing up in unique costumes and here’s one way to share a part of their country with the rest of the world. In their own creative ways, children will also wish their friends an International Friendship Day!

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