Parenting in the Digital Age: Managing Children’s Exposure to Technology

Parenting in the Digital Age: Managing Children's Exposure to Technology

Technology is prevalent everywhere. It has brought us a lot of amazing opportunities. Most of the time, technology makes our lives easier and faster. It dominates every aspect of our lives—smartphones, tablets, laptops, video games, etc.—and our kids use it at home, school, and anywhere else. 

Technology can potentially introduce our children to a whole new world of learning that we couldn’t have imagined before. However, excessive usage of digital devices can have an adverse effect on our children’s lives. As responsible parents, we need to think about and prevent the negative impact of technology on our children’s lives while ensuring that they benefit from it.

Here, we will explore parents’ concerns regarding their kids’ exposure to technology and provide guidelines for using technology with children under six.

What Worries Do Parents Have About Technology for Kids?

Managing your children’s technology exposure is a rising challenge for parents. Here are the concerns that the majority of parents have regarding technology exposure.

1.Issues with relationships and social skills

Children are increasingly utilising mobile devices, which can lead to addiction and result in them not having enough time with friends and family. As opposed to actually meeting their friends in person, they are inclined to be virtually in touch with them, exchanging texts and images online.

The younger generation is developing online behaviours such as playing games, visiting websites, conversing on Facebook, posting pictures on Instagram, and other activities that can be hazardous. Spending time online doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, but it can seriously impair the link between parents and children and prevent kids from developing specific social skills.

2. Health issues

The health of kids may suffer from excessive mobile device use. They engage in fewer physical activities as they use mobile devices more frequently. Online gaming and snacking together pose a dilemma since they take the place of a balanced diet. 

Children spend less time outdoors playing, running, and burning calories and more time indoors in front of screens, leading to significant weight gain.

3. Inappropriate content

The internet is a prominent place, and not all content is appropriate for kids. Parents worry that their kids will come across offensive or hazardous content online.

How to Guide Your Kids When Using Technology

It can be challenging to keep an eye on a child’s screen time with screens practically everywhere. The fact that some screen time can be instructional and promote kids’ social development only complicates matters. Consequently, how can you control your kid’s screen time? Here are some tips for managing your child’s media and screen use.

Setting screen time restrictions for your child is essential. Children under 18 months old shouldn’t use screens at all, except for video calls. Limit screen usage to one hour daily for kids ages 2 to 6.

Balance it with exercise.

Encourage your kid to combine physical activity and screen time. Their physical and mental growth depends on them engaging in outdoor play and other forms of exercise.

Establish tech-free areas

Keep screens out of children’s bedrooms, family and social gatherings, and meals. Turn off unwatched TV for quality time without distractions.

Charge gadgets throughout the night outside of your child’s bedroom to help them resist the need to use them while they should be sleeping. These adjustments encourage more family time, a healthier diet, and better sleep.


Technology plays a crucial role in our modern lives, and kids are inevitably exposed to it. However, parents can ensure a healthy balance between the benefits of technology and their children’s safety, well-being, and development by identifying potential issues and following certain guidelines.

Managing kids’ digital exposure is an ever-changing endeavour that calls for constant communication, supervision, and flexibility as your child develops and technology changes.

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