Post-Event: Mulberry Learning Special Showcase @ National Museum of Singapore

Post-Event: Mulberry Learning Special Showcase @ National Museum of Singapore

Research shows that spending quality time with your child helps build their confidence, self-esteem and communication, to name a few of the various skill sets they can hone when you spend time with them. These skills will help them in the future to have better relationships with their friends as well as show confidence when faced with any situation. What better way to spend time with your child than during the school holidays!

On the 11th of March, over 200 children and parents participated in the activities specially curated by Mulberry Learning for the March school holidays programme at the National Museum of Singapore, which saw both parent and their children enjoy a bonding session through sensorial play activity using loose parts, a show-and-tell by the K2 students and an inquiry-based project showcase prepared by the teachers and students of Mulberry Learning.

Project Showcase: From the Past to the Future​

The day started with a project exhibition by the K2 students and teachers from Mulberry Learning. The students and the teacher conceptualised their project idea after the students visited the National Museum during the December school holidays. Fascinated and curious about the artefacts, the students were eager to know more about what they saw. This started their learning journey, culminating in the project showcase at the museum’s Glass Atrium.

There was a total of 6 Mulberry Learning centres participating in the exhibit. Each participating centre presented a different project theme from projects related to “Artificial Intelligence”, “Entertainment”, “Kites”, “Television”, “Transportation”, and “Treasure Hunting”.

Walking through the exhibit, you’ll see the happy faces of the visiting parents and children as they immerse in various activities associated with each theme, from designing your kite and watching a shadow puppet show to choosing which A.I. assistant is the best and more.

The exhibit has been a great experience for both visitors and students who went through a journey of discovery and realisation.

Loose Parts Play: Turning History into Art

Next on our list of events is a multisensorial play activity, where over 100 parents and children participated in this family bonding session. Participants were introduced to 10 different interactive stations. Each station will evoke both the parent and child’s creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills.

The well-received activity garnered much praise from participating parents for its wide variety of interactive stations and well-designed activities suitable for all ages. Definitely, an activity worth partaking in with your family.

In-Gallery Show-and-Tell: Children's Take on Artefacts

The last activity that happened was a show-and-tell by the enthusiastic K2 students. A total of 120 students from various Mulberry Learning centres participated in the activity, showcasing their communication skills and confidence in handling themselves in a crowd.

The students were divided into different batches and were tasked to present their favourite artefacts inside the four main galleries of the National Museum. During the sharing session, you won’t miss the happy faces of their proud parents, cheering them on with the crowd, giving the boost of confidence the students need while standing centre stage.

At the end of the session, the students went home with a refreshing sense of confidence and a big smile on their faces.

Overall, these activities showcased the skills and abilities of the Mulberry Learning students and encouraged parents to take time away from their busy schedules and spend quality time with their children and family.

Mulberry Learning would like to thank all the teachers, students and parents who participated in the various activities and made the event successful.

A special thanks to the National Museum of Singapore for inviting the school to showcase various fun activities during this March school holidays.

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