Top Preschools in the Central Business District (CBD)

Top Preschools in the Central Business District (CBD)

Investing in your child’s early education is crucial, and finding the right preschool can be a daunting task. For Singaporean parents working in the Central Business District (CBD), which encompasses the vibrant districts of Raffles Place/Shenton Way, Tanjong Pagar/Outram, or City Hall/Clarke Quay, the convenience of having a preschool near the workplace is invaluable.
Here are 3 top centres of Mulberry Learning in the heart of CBD that may be easily accessible to your place of work: Mulberry Learning at Shenton Way, Tanjong Pagar, and Clarke Quay.

1. Mulberry Learning @ Shenton Way

For parents working around Raffles Place and Shenton Way, student care centers provide targeted tutoring to help children grasp concepts. Group settings foster intrinsic motivation as students see peers progress, promoting healthy competition and academic growth.

  • Address: 6A Shenton Way, #03-01/04/04A/05 OUE Downtown Gallery, Singapore 068809
  • From Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (By Walking)
    Time: 3 Mins
    Distance: 230 Meters
  • From Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (By Car)
    Time: 1 Mins
    Distance: 230 Meters

Since opening in August 2017, Mulberry Learning @ Shenton Way has been making waves in the local preschool scene and raising the bar of preschool education. Well-known for its award-winning Habits of Mind curriculum, Mulberry Learning has created another gem – a tranquil oasis for parents and an urban learning sanctuary for children right in the heart of Singapore’s financial district.

The centre boasts a spacious interior layout with over 9,000 sq ft catered for learning spaces, including an indoor playground safe from environmental hazards and well-stocked with age-appropriate playground equipment. The play area is a safe, clean haven for children to have a ball of a time.

Mulberry Learning’s award-winning preschool offering will provide the new generation of working parents at Shenton Way a high-quality early childhood education for infants aged 2 to 17 months and preschoolers aged 18 months to 6 years old.

2. Mulberry Learning @ Tanjong Pagar

For those situated near Tanjong Pagar, a nearby preschool brings invaluable convenience, minimizing commute times and simplifying daily routines. Mulberry Learning provides additional amenities such as infant care facilities, facilitating parent-child bonding during intervals, thus enriching family dynamics for busy working parents.

  • Address: 5 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-01 Singapore 081005
  • From Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (By Walking)
    Time: 4 Mins
    Distance: 350 Meters
  • From Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (By Car)
    Time: 2 Mins
    Distance: 400 Meters

Centrally located on the 2nd level of Tanjong Pagar Plaza amidst the high-rise commercial buildings in the heart of the Central Business District lies a quintessential delight – a cosy enclave with many little faces with big hearts (and even bigger smiles)! Mulberry Learning @ Tanjong Pagar has the winning formula and all the elements of a high quality learning sanctuary for eager young learners!

At our centre, parents with young children can look forward to enrolling their children in a quality preschool. Mulberry Learning’s award-winning preschool offering will provide the new generation of working parents at Tanjong Pagar a high-quality early childhood education for infants aged 2 to 17 months and preschoolers aged 18 months to 6 years old.

3. Mulberry Learning @ Clarke Quay

Families around City Hall and Clarke Quay benefit from nearby preschools, which streamline travel and logistical arrangements. Mulberry Learning goes the extra mile by offering essential services like infant care, allowing parents to connect with their children during breaks, thereby strengthening family ties amidst the demands of work.

  • Address: #01-42 to 49 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk, Singapore 058416
  • From Clarke Quay MRT Station (Walking)
    Time: 3 Mins
    Distance: 0.2 km
  • From Fort Canning MRT Station (By Car)
    Time: 3 Mins
    Distance: 0.75 km
  • From City Hall MRT Station (By Car)
    Time: 4 Mins
    Distance: 1.5 km

Mulberry Learning at Clarke Quay is an award-winning, Reggio-Emilia-inspired learning centre that provides an exciting and innovative approach to early childhood education. Conveniently located just opposite the Clarke Quay MRT station and nestled beside the tranquil Singapore River, at the first level of The Riverwalk, Mulberry Learning provides a serene, safe, and nurturing environment for your child to grow and thrive.

With a spacious interior layout spreading across 7,400 square feet, our centre is well-equipped with diverse learning corners that foster experiential learning, innovative thinking, and exploration. Our experienced teachers facilitate the process, encouraging children to learn from each other and discover new things in a fun and engaging way. Our centre is the perfect place for your child to build a strong foundation for their future academic success!

Convenience for Working Parents

Having a preschool near your workplace offers convenience, particularly in managing tight schedules. With long commutes being a common challenge for Singaporean parents, having a preschool close to your office significantly reduces travel time and eases logistical burdens. This proximity means less stress, even when meetings overrun, as less time is needed to commute from the office to the preschool to meet the pick-up deadline, typically around 7pm, imposed by most centers. Moreover, Mulberry Learning goes beyond convenience by providing essential infant care facilities. This enables mothers to breastfeed or visit their babies during breaks, fostering a supportive environment for parent-child bonding. Ultimately, these arrangements enhance daily routines and strengthen family interactions for working parents.

Seamless Transition Between Work and Family Life

Sending your child to a preschool near your workplace allows for a seamless transition between work and family life. Parents can easily pop in during lunch breaks or after work to spend quality time with their children or participate in school events. Additionally, commuting home together allows for valuable family bonding time during the journey. This seamless integration fosters stronger parent-child relationships and enhances the overall preschool experience.

Preschools in the CBD often encourage parental involvement due to the proximity of parents’ workplaces. This closeness enables parents to participate in school activities, attend parent-teacher meetings, and engage with their child’s learning journey more actively.

Foster a Sense of Community Among Parents and Professionals

Preschools in the CBD often attract families from diverse professional backgrounds, creating a vibrant and supportive community. As children come from various parts of Singapore, they have the chance to form friendships with a wider range of peers, unlike those in suburban areas who primarily interact with neighborhood children. Likewise, parents benefit from networking with professionals from different regions, expanding their social connections. This diversity enhances the preschool experience, providing opportunities for growth and learning beyond the classroom. Interacting with peers from diverse cultural and social backgrounds promotes inclusivity and broadens children’s horizons, enriching their overall development.


The 3 centres of Mulberry Learning in the Central Business District (CBD) offer not only high-quality education but also the added convenience of being located near parents’ workplaces. Whether it’s the accessibility, parental involvement opportunities, seamless transition between work and family life, or the sense of community, these preschools provide a holistic learning environment that nurtures both the child’s development and the parent’s peace of mind.

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