Voted Best Early Learning Programme (Reggio Emilia)

We are proud to announce that Mulberry Learning has been conferred the Best Early Learning Programme (Reggio Emilia) award in this year’s HoneyKids Asia – Singapore Education Awards 2023! We are honoured to be the only local preschool brand chosen to receive this prestigious award!

Established in 2008, HoneyKids is a parenting platform that guides parents in choosing the right school for their children and informs them about the best kid-friendly activities in Singapore. With a commitment to providing accurate and up-to-date information, HoneyKids is the go-to source for parents seeking reliable parenting and lifestyle advice—trust HoneyKids to help parents like you make informed decisions about your child’s education and family activities.

Mulberry Learning stands out for its emphasis on the learning environment, which is regarded as the “third teacher” that plays a crucial role in a child’s development. The learning corners, including The Busy Baker™, Discovery Cove™, Art Atelier™, Construction Piazza™, and Imaginary Playscape™, have been carefully designed to help children develop essential life skills while having fun. The vibrant colours, unique learning areas, various loose parts, and natural materials create an aesthetically pleasing environment that encourages children to engage and connect with new experiences.

Mulberry Learning’s Reggio-inspired approach values children as active learners and stimulates their natural curiosity by creating stimulating environments. The signature Reggio-Inspired Project Inquiry™ program allows children to take on the role of a scientist as they observe, experiment and discover essential concepts. The program enables children to explore their interests and set research goals through dialogues, music, art, and storytelling, culminating in presentations to parents and peers. Mulberry Learning’s collaborative approach helps foster communication and confidence while nurturing essential life skills and preparing children for the future.

The impact of Mulberry Learning is evident in the success stories of its graduates, many of whom seamlessly transition to top primary schools in Singapore, excelling in academics and earning academic accolades. This achievement marks the third consecutive time that the brand has been recognized for its effectiveness in preparing children for their educational journey beyond early childhood, and is a testament to Mulberry Learning’s commitment to providing high-quality education and nurturing every child’s potential.

Read more about the HoneyKids Asia – Singapore Education Awards 2023 news here.

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