Article: 5 Preschool Teaching Methods In Singapore To Consider When Doing Your “Homework”

Article: 5 Preschool Teaching Methods In Singapore To Consider When Doing Your “Homework”

As parents, we all want the best for their children. One minute, your biggest concern is whether your baby is growing well; and the next? That same fragile baby is walking, talking, and well on his/her way to preschool. Now, you’re told that the skills and habits your child picks up could very well stick around for a lifetime, and choosing the right preschool is extra critical.

Here are some learning approaches to help you find the best fit for your child:

1. Literacy Approach

Literary-focused preschools use interactive activities like storytelling, role-playing and word games to help children develop a love for linguistics and transform them into articulate readers, confident speakers and developing writers before they enter Primary 1.

2. Habits of Mind & Reggio Emilia Approach

Habits of Mind is a world-renowned framework based on 16 habits that focus on developing skillful thinking. The various habits cover everything from “Thinking Flexibly” and “Understanding With Empathy” to “Manage Impulsivity” to teach children how to respond effectively and intelligently when faced with challenging situations in and out of the classroom.

On the topic of classrooms, while you usually expect to see a teacher at the front giving directions to the little ones; in Reggio Emilia classrooms, teachers take a backseat and let children spearhead their own projects. This spontaneous type of learning helps kids explore their curiosity on a deeper level and instil a love for learning in them.

3. Montessori Approach

While teachers are commonly relied upon in other preschools to “set up” and prep for each activity, the Montessori approach gives children the opportunity to do things for themselves. And instead of splitting the kids according to age, the Montessori method allows for fluid learning and relies on a buddy system to help children develop into responsible caring individuals.

Getting a good foundation with Mulberry Learning

Mulberry Learning is, at present, the only preschool in Singapore to be accredited by The Institute for Habits of Mind. The school combines the Habits of Mind approach with Reggio Emilia-inspired learning to offer a holistic curriculum for your child’s growth.

Expect your child to develop patience, resilience, and a more positive attitude toward life and its future challenges. Whether it’s exploring outside of their comfort zone or taking on new responsibilities and challenges, the 16 habits under the Habits of Mind framework will mould your child into a confident, independent and discerning individual.

Discover the full list of learning approaches here
*Article courtesy of Singapore, By Locals For Locals.
Extracted from this article originally written by Persis Gan for and republished with permission.*

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