Article: 6 Unconventional Preschool Learning Practices In Singapore For A Head-Start Before Primary 1

Article: 6 Unconventional Preschool Learning Practices In Singapore For A Head-Start Before Primary 1

Mulberry Learning’s preschool learning practices

Preschool serves as a stepping stone between early childhood and the start of a child’s formal education journey. As such, these formative years ought to be maximised fully.

Here are 3 unconventional techniques adopted by Mulberry Learning which tap into the full learning potential of preschoolers:

1. Using Habits Of Mind – a framework used by MOE’s gifted education programme

Mulberry Learning follows the Habits Of Mind curriculum, which identifies 16 key habits to aid in the dilemmas of everyday life.

These include essential concepts such as managing impulsivity – the ability to manage one’s emotions and thinking before acting, hence preventing rash behaviour and unintended consequences.

Shifting away from a sole focus on grades, imparting soft skills such as impulse management and flexible thinking fulfil the crucial development of a strong Emotional Quotient (EQ).

Click here to find out more about Habits Of Mind.

2. Encourage discussions and self-directed learning with a renowned Italian teaching approach

Image credit: Mulberry Learning Centre

Originating from Italy as a progressive approach in early childhood education, Reggio Emilia is centered around self-directed learning.

Instead of committing entire textbooks’ worth of information to memory without actually processing the information, kids form their own understanding based on observations, interactions and communication.

3. Getting a head-start in math and languages through Mulberry Learning’s signature programmes

Image credit: Mulberry Learning Centre

Under a collection of programmes called iLearn, Mulberry Learning follows a systematic pathway for kids to stay on top of their new learnings and prevent intimidation or aversion when difficulties arise.

With programme sessions like Literacy Fun, Maths Quest and Chinese Master that are fun and enriching yet easy to grasp, students get to boost their competency across all subjects and enter primary school as confident and well-rounded learners.

Unconventional learning methods at Mulberry Learning

These unique learning practices help children develop both IQ and EQ levels in preparation for the next chapter in youth and education. Not subscribing to the “all work and no play” belief whatsoever, Mulberry Learning is also decked out with next-level facilities like mini race tracks and a huge indoor sand playground.

Whether it’s securing an advanced understanding of essential school subjects or honing their social skills and problem-solving abilities, the rigorous curriculum gives the young ones a vital edge over their peers.

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*Article courtesy of Singapore, By Locals For Locals. Extracted from this article originally written by Renae Cheng for and republished with permission.*

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