Mulberry Learning @ Jurong East Presents : Exclusive Experience Sessions

Mulberry Learning @ Jurong East Presents : Exclusive Experience Sessions

Your Child’s Early Educational Journey Begins With Us!

Dive into the world of experiential learning and intelligent thinking habits at our exclusive, one-of-a-kind sessions in our award-winning Reggio-inspired learning environment at Mulberry Learning @ Jurong East!

🌟 Welcome to Mulberry Learning’s Exclusive Experience Sessions🌟

For the first time ever, Mulberry Learning is thrilled to invite parents residing in or around Jurong East’s International Business Park to embark on a unique and enriching experience with us.

Join us for your preferred Experience Sessions:


Infant Care – Experiential Learning

Dive into a world where Experiential Learning takes center stage, igniting the imagination of young infants through music and movement!

Discover the wonder of our Infant Care Experiential Learning Framework, including Self-Exploration, Music and Stories, and signature programmes like Little ExplorerTM, Muscle MasterTM, and First TouchTM. Experience how these seamlessly integrated activities ensure a well-rounded developmental journey for infants.

Preschool – Habits of Mindᵀᴹ Experience

Journey through the pedagogy of Habits of Mind™, a certified framework from the U.S.A., designed to cultivate intelligent thinking dispositions in children of all ages!

Explore specially curated practices such as Creating, Imagining, Innovating, Managing Impulsivity and Thinking Flexibly and Independently infused into daily routines and our signature programmes S.T.E.A.M Enrichment, Project Inquiry, and Literacy and Numeracy.

Please note that this is an exclusive event, and spaces are limited. Register early to avoid disappointment!

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