FEATURED ON YOUNG PARENTS MAGAZINE, AUGUST 2017: Award-winning Holistic Learning Programme in Singapore

FEATURED ON YOUNG PARENTS MAGAZINE, AUGUST 2017: Award-winning Holistic Learning Programme in Singapore

Many of us realise that true education goes beyond acquiring the “book-smarts”, or scoring well in an examination. This is getting more apparent considering disruptive technologies emerging all the time, and the uncertain future world our young children today will eventually live and compete in. Parents are savvier nowadays to know that to set their child up for future success, it is crucial to help young ones develop intelligent thinking habits and maximise their capacity to learn from a young age.

One preschool network in Singapore that prides itself on nurturing “Future-Ready” skillsets in children is Mulberry Learning – an established premium preschool brand across Singapore, Australia and China, well-known for its vibrant learning spaces, bilingual programmes, holistic development outcomes and emphasis on character building via a framework called the Habits of Mind.

A unique framework endorsed by educational experts and parents
How well has the Habits of Mind framework worked for the kids of Mulberry Learning? Well, certainly good enough for the school to receive a ringing endorsement in the inaugural Young Parents’ SG Parents’ Choice 2016/2017, where it bagged the “Best Holistic Learning Programme” award. Prior to that, it also snagged a “Best in Promoting Positive Learning” award in the “Best of the Best Preschool Awards” in 2015.

Besides the centre’s own award-winning credentials, it’s also worth noting that the Ministry of Education (MOE) has also adopted the same Habits of Mind framework to help groom the top one per cent and the brightest primary school students in its Gifted Education Programme (GEP). In addition to the Ministry of Education, top schools such as Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution and Anglo-Chinese School have also adopted the Habits of Mind as a learning framework.

Real life, real lessons
As the first and only preschool to be certified by The Institute for Habits of Mind, Mulberry Learning focuses on instilling these positive habits as prescribed by the framework. Developed by Dr Arthur Costa, Emeritus Professor of Education at California State University, the Habits of Mind framework provides children of all ages a framework for autonomous learning, critical thinking, effective inquiry and how to behave intelligently and respond effectively to uncertainty or dilemmas in the future. The habits include Persisting, Managing Impulsivity, Questioning and Posing Problems, Thinking Interdependently and Flexibly.

It includes the following 16 habits:

  • Persisting
  • Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision
  • Managing Impulsivity
  • Gathering Data Through All Senses
  • Listening With Understanding and Emparthy
  • Creating, Imagining, Innovating
  • Thinking Flexibly
  • Responding with Wonderment and Awe



  • Thinking About Thinking (Metacognition)
  • Taking Responsible Risks
  • Striving For Accuracy
  • Finding Humor
  • Questioning and Posing Problems
  • Thinking Interdependently
  • Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations
  • Remaining open to Continuous Learning

It teaches kids how to behave intelligently and respond effectively to uncertainty or dilemmas – issues that everyone faces every day. To get kids to use the framework like second nature, a new habit is introduced every month in lessons and reinforced repeatedly, even during playtime, mealtimes, and wash-up.

Growing to meet your needs
To cope with rising demand for the programme, Mulberry Learning has been expanding its local network of schools in recent years. You will soon be able to look forward to Mulberry Learning’s two new locations: OUE Downtown Gallery at Shenton Way, and in the M38 Building along Jalan Pemimpin, Marymount.

Unlike traditional preschools which use fixed classroom spaces, Mulberry Learning believes in allowing children to move around each part of the school and learn in any corner, similar to a workplace-of-the-future concept where collaboration and flexible-use spaces take centre-stage. As such, the new facilities are designed with dedicated multi-age learning studios, which allow preschoolers to mingle with one another and learn within state-of-the-art studios, each equipped with a wide array of materials on the arts, languages, mathematics and sciences. This novel approach shows how Mulberry Learning is at the forefront of the early childhood education sector, looking far ahead into the future to see how best to prepare young minds for the future world.

Parents of babies can also give their young ones an early start with Mulberry Learning, where spas and massages aren’t only for adults. The school offers pampering spa sessions for your little one: think bubbles, whirlpool jets and soothing lights in an imported spa pod. Plus, a certified baby masseuse will provide massages aimed at easing colic and aiding digestion, among other health benefits.

Original Article Found here : http://www.youngparents.com.sg/sponsored/mulberry-learning-award-winning-holistic-learning-programme-singapore/

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