Mulberry Australia Visit to Singapore

Mulberry Australia Visit to Singapore
Teacher Megan and Carmen continued their 5 days visitation in Singapore by paying a visit to the Mulberry centers. The principals and teachers from various outlets joined Megan and Carmen at Mulberry Jurong East where they were given insights on how the teachers can utilize the space in their classroom to make lessons more engaging and fun.
Carmen shared on creating an environment for learning by setting up a reading corner displaying books or setting up a table with different themes such as ‘Safari’. Such corners can be utilized by the children during their free period or in their daily curriculum which can aid in the children’s learning and development. The visitation continued at Mulberry Choa Chu Kang. Carmen and Megan conducted a lesson with the Nursery 2 children. Carmen engaged with the children by teaching them the different organs and body parts of a human such as the eyes, heart, veins and lungs. She explained the different need of each organ such as the heart is used to pump blood. The children enjoyed the lesson and were attentively paying attention to Carmen. The smart children at Mulberry could even remember the use of each organ when Carmen questioned them!
Carmen involved the children in a role play where she gave them a short demonstration on performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The children got extremely excited and everyone wanted to be part of the role play. Megan and Carmen ended the lesson by teaching the children the Mulberry cheer. The children had an enjoyable time grooving to the cheer!
The entire visit from Carmen and Megan was extremely fruitful. The teachers gained knowledge and insights that can be used in their learning environment to improve their curriculum and lesson plans. Carmen and Megan also brought back their own set of knowledge that they have gained from the Mulberry centres which can be utilised in their own learning environment in Australia.
We thank Megan and Carmen for sharing their experiences with everyone at Mulberry Singapore and we look forward to many more meaningful visits to ensure that Mulberry is always at their best in providing the finest preschool education to our precious little ones!

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