Secret Revealed: How Your Preschooler Spends Their Time At School

Secret Revealed: How Your Preschooler Spends Their Time At School

A student of Mulberry Learning attending the Chinese Master Programme.

Undoubtedly, most toddlers enrolled in preschools would spend most of their day at school. Have you ever wondered how your little one spends their time at school? Lucky for you, we are about to conduct an exposé and reveal all that goes on in their day at school.


When your little ones arrive, they will be greeted with a hearty welcome by several of our centre staff, before temperature screening commences. After all, safety first! After which, they may choose to engage in free choice play, which is a less structured play time where children get to independently choose what they wish to do, from the range of activities provided. This is followed by a delicious breakfast and morning exercise.

Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy skills are foundational skills necessary to survive and thrive in today’s modern world. Moreover, these skills need to be carefully established in a child’s formative years, which is why it is crucial that quality preschool programmes establish a structured and comprehensive curriculum designed to boost the child’s literacy and numeracy skills.

After arriving at Mulberry Learning Centre, your child will then participate in a variety of award-winning programmes designed to boost their literacy and numeracy skills. On any day, they will participate in programmes such as Literacy Fun, Chinese Fun or Math Quest.

Literacy Fun builds the student’s competency in English through contextual and hands-on experiential learning. In fact, it is designed to ensure children will acquire an expressive vocabulary of at least 4,500 words by the age of six years old. Through the established Rigby Star Phonics programme, preschoolers will learn phonetic sounds of each individual alphabet and how these sounds are combined to form words. Furthermore, we take this a step further by facilitating dynamic classroom discussions and exciting creative writing practices, such that children are able to confidently express their creative ideas whilst honing their early communication skills in English.

Students of Mulberry Learning developing their motor skills through gross motor activities.

We also recognise the need to mould children into effective bilingual users. In this day and age, it is important to master both English and Chinese, which is why we have the Chinese Master programme, where students will be placed under the expert guidance of native Chinese teachers. They will learn to recognise tonal sounds and character origins, while also understanding the moral values imparted through the Confucian teachers of Di Zi Gui. By the age of six years old, children under this programme will acquire an expressive vocabulary of over 2,000 words, master more than 80 Chinese idioms, and be able to recite 16 Chinese poems.

That’s not to say that we neglect their numeracy skills as well! Math Quest is a structured and carefully designed programme aimed towards using a range of activities, games, toys, and other materials to teach simple mathematical concepts that will further enrich your child’s logical thinking and spatial conceptualisation skills. With the use of concrete, pictorial or abstract learning materials, children will gradually develop an understanding of how to count, identify patterns, recognise relationships, take measurements, name shapes and spatial concepts, alongside essential mathematical concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by the age of six years old.

Project Inquiry

Children are blessed with an inherent thirst for knowledge, and it is important to harness this hunger for knowledge to effectively inculcate skills of problem solving and multiple intelligences at a young age. This is why we devote a significant part of the day to our Reggio-inspired Project Inquiry programme. This is a programme inspired by the philosophy of education founded by Loris Malaguzzi, which acknowledges children as capable and active constructors of knowledge. It places the children at the centre of their own learning, by recognising their ability to create knowledge, rather than simply being passive recipients of knowledge.

The entire programme is conducted over 20 weeks and is divided into three phases with an additional pre-Project Inquiry planning phase. Through our Project Inquiry programme, children will initiate and lead their own projects. This will combine different Habits of Mind and Multiple Intelligence skills, towards developing well-rounded individuals who are independent thinkers and creators of knowledge.

Mid-day Break

After all the hard work they have put in in the morning, it’s time for a well-deserved lunch break and nap time to restore their physical and mental energies.

Gross Motor Activities

After the mid-day break, we will dedicate some time towards gross motor activities as we recognise the importance of motor skills to your child’s development. Developing fine motor skills is not only essential for the healthy growth of your child’s physical body and well-being, it also makes for a healthy and active mind as well!

At Mulberry Learning, we have an indoor playground designed to be a safe and dynamic space for your little ones to run about, play, and have fun – all while developing those essential motor skills.

Learning Adventure

As part of our Reggio-inspired pedagogy, we believe that learning spaces act as ‘the third teacher’ for children. This is why Mulberry Learning centres are full of special spaces carefully constructed to encourage opportunities for learning, growth, and self-expression. After their evening snack, children are free to embark on an exciting learning adventure through the various learning zones in the centre.

The ‘Art Atelier’ zone is a place for children to unleash their creativity and explore expressing themselves through the many types of materials and media present, such as paint, paper, crayons, pencils, clay, dough, beads, loose parts, and a wide range of recycled and natural materials.

At the ‘Imaginary Playscape’ zone, we create special ‘make-believe’ play areas to stimulate your child’s imagination and facilitate role-play. Here, your child can be whoever they want to be, and we believe that that’s important for developing their present and future aspirations.

A student of Mulberry Learning having fun with building blocks.

Children are also given the chance to become little builders at the ‘Construction Piazza’ zone, where they will be provided with various building materials to engage in block and building play. This will further spark their creativity and imagination, whilst also crucially developing their mathematical and problem-solving skills.

End of the Day

Having fully exercised all of their mental and physical faculties, it is time for your child to return home to you. It is our hope and goal here at Mulberry Learning that your child leaves our space as an empowered and self-directed learner, equipped with the essential skills to succeed in the future. If you’re interested to learn more about Mulberry Learning’s award-winning programmes, do drop us a message for more information.
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