The Importance of Sleep for a Better Learning

The Importance of Sleep for a Better Learning

Children must get enough sleep to develop normally. They must get enough restful sleep so that their bodies can have the time to repair themselves. Sleep is essential for immune system regulation, which reduces a person’s susceptibility to illnesses and diseases. Having a good night’s sleep also means that they will be alert during the day, which will help them focus and learn more during class. Children who get enough sleep regularly have better attention, behaviour, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. According to Health Hub, here are some sleep duration recommendations. In this article, we’ll share how a good night’s sleep can improve your child’s learning performance.

Children who have a restful night’s sleep:

  • Have better problem-solving skills
  • Are better able to absorb and remember new information
  • Are more creative
  • Can focus on tasks for longer periods
  • Have more energy throughout the day
  • Can build and maintain positive relationships with others

1. Good Memory

The brain replays memories from the previous day while you sleep. Learning includes the ability to remember things. It’s more difficult for your child to remember fundamental skills such as how to spell words, how to perform mathematical calculations, or where to look up information in a book or on the internet when they are tired. It may pose a challenge for your child to recall skills like playing an instrument.

While we sleep, our brains develop and strengthen various types of memory. For instance, your child’s brain is organising and storing memories and information from the previous day just before they wake up in the morning, preparing them for the day ahead.

2. Better Concentration

Children who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to experience daytime sleepiness and learning challenges at school. Reduced activity in the brain regions related to cognition and attention is correlated with poor sleep quality. A restful night’s sleep improves students’ ability to pay attention in class. Your child can focus, remember things, and behave well when they get a good night’s sleep. This aids in your child’s academic success.

3. Good Behaviour

A child who is sleepy and exhausted may not cooperate in class or have trouble adhering to the teacher’s instructions. If the other kids don’t like how the kid is acting, the kid might also miss out on playing with them. With good quality sleep, a child’s behaviour can improve with better emotional control. Pro-social behaviour makes a child more likely to get along with their peers, obey rules, and be open to learning.

We know better than anyone that a child’s development depends heavily on sleep because it gives their bodies a chance to recharge and helps them remember what they’ve learned throughout the day. We take extraordinary care and pay attention to even the smallest details here at Mulberry Learning. To facilitate effective small-group teaching and better individual care for each child, class sizes are kept small. Children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years can receive full-day or half-day care at Mulberry Learning.

For four years running, top parenting publications have chosen Mulberry Learning’s curriculum as “Singapore’s Best Holistic Curriculum.” For kids in Pre-Nursery (or Playgroup), Nursery, and Kindergarten, we offer child care programmes. Learn more about our programmes today!

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