Why you should send your child to an Infant care or Childcare near your workplace

Why you should send your child to an Infant care or Childcare near your workplace

Heading back to the office after working from home for numerous months?

As we say goodbye to work-from-home and transit to working in the office, you may now be looking for childcare options. When selecting an infant care or childcare for your little one, a crucial factor to consider is the location of the preschool.

But here comes the question: Which is better? A preschool near your workplace or near your home?

For many busy working parents, one of the considerations when sending their children to an infant care or childcare is to reduce travelling time and costs. Experienced mummies and daddies will also know that distance is key especially when emergencies arise and you have to get to your little one quickly.

Here, we dive in to discuss 3 of the main reasons for parents to send their child to a childcare centre near their workplace!

3 reasons why you should send your child to an Infant care or Childcare near your workplace

1. Convenience

In Singapore, travelling from one end of the island to the other can take anywhere from 30 – 40 minutes by car; but add the rush hour traffic in the morning and in the evening, your commute may take up to an hour, or more if you’re using the public transport.

Since parents will have to drop off their child at the preschool before heading to work, depending on the nature and timing of work, that means they will have to factor in the commute to the office. For parents who start work really early, say 7.30am, some childcare centres perhaps are not yet open before then.

And if your workplace and office is far from home, sending your child to an infant care or childcare close to your workplace can help you avoid the rush to pick up your child by 7pm or when the centre closes. For the busy bees, this means that if your meeting happens to overrun, you’ll still be able to get to your child in time!


2. Travel and bond with one another

Working parents can also take the commute as an opportunity to bond with their children. It could be talking to them, asking them about their day at school, or just spending time with one another. Workplace childcare centres also offer parents a chance to catch a glimpse of their child during lunch time! If you’re having a bad day at the office, looking at the smile on your child’s face will surely brighten up your day!


3. In times of emergency

New or first-time parents should brace yourselves as your little one may fall sick every now and then when you first send your child to the infant care or preschool. Especially in the first year of their preschool journey, their immune system is still developing and they are still getting used to interacting with other children.

By sending your child to a childcare centre near your workplace and office, you will be able to reach them quickly in times of emergency.

Discover some of Mulberry Learning’s centres within your workplaces!

Changi Business Park

Mulberry Learning @ Changi Business Park has a massive centre size of 8,000 sqft, curated with our Reggio-Emilia inspired learning spaces that offer numerous opportunities for the children to stimulate curiosity, generate conversations, and inspire a keen interest in the things around them. Our dedicated outdoor playground, fitted with slides and see-saws, enables children to play, learn, and pick up social skills!


Fusionopolis (Chinese Preschool)

With a structured and progressive pathway designed to build competency in Chinese, our Chinese preschool programme at Fusionopolis enables the child to develop an expressive vocabulary of more than 4,200 Chinese words, while familiarizing and reciting more than 30 Chinese poems and over 80 idioms by the age of six. Their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills are also honed through a myriad of fun lessons and activities.


Shenton Way

Located in the heart of our Shenton Way preschool, the central indoor playground is a child’s dream come true. A 2-storey wooden playground stands in a large sand pit, adorned with a kitchen role-play area, multiple swings, slides, and a wet play zone. The preschool has its own miniature track, complete with a zebra crossing, traffic lights, and parking spots for tricycles and cars!


Tanjong Pagar

Centrally located on the 2nd level of Tanjong Pagar Plaza amidst the high-rise commercial buildings in the heart of the Central Business District lies a quintessential delight – a cosy enclave with many little faces with big hearts (and even bigger smiles)! Mulberry Learning @ Tanjong Pagar has the winning formula and all the elements of a high quality learning sanctuary for eager young learners!


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