Let’s Keep Covid-19 At Bay Through Swab-Testing!

Let’s Keep Covid-19 At Bay Through Swab-Testing!

Prior to the reopening of preschools, all teachers, principals, and support staff are to undergo a one-time Covid19 swab test as early childhood educators come into close contact with young children. While many parents are concerned about keeping their children in preschools safe, we also wanted to ensure the well-being of our staff.

At Mulberry Learning, we believe that our educators play an important role in a child’s learning and development. Over the past week, we’ve checked in with some of our child care staff to find out how they are coping!

During the circuitbreaker, many of our teachers were working really hard to support parents in home-based learning. While work load increased, our educators welcomed the change as they got to further equip themselves with the different technological devices and platforms.

It wasn’t easy to cope with all the changes and requirements. Work load got a little tougher but still it was a good learning journey.” – Haamsavani D/O R.Selvaraj, Preschool Teacher @ Cairnhill
“During this period, I am understanding and learning new things about technology!” – Logeshris, Preschool Teacher @ Cairnhill
“I had to be more resourceful in looking for materials needed for the video lessons.” – Quiambao Maria Karmela Mosca, Preschool Teacher @ Toa Payoh
“I became a little more IT savvy.” – Soh Lee Teng, Preschool Teacher @ Toa Payoh

As they hear about preschools reopening next week, they were excited to go back to school as they also miss the little ones!

“We no longer have actual interactions with children, only through HBL” – Loy Shien Ling, Preschool Teacher @ Cairnhill
“I miss my students!” – Lee Pik Qi, Infant Educarer @ Toa Payoh

How Our Preschool Staff Felt About Going Through The Swab Test?

While many were anxious and nervous about the swab-testing, majority of them were optimistic:

“In a way, I feel that doing this can help us curb the spread of virus. It is really good for pre-school staff to go for the test to ensure children’s health will not be compromised when school re-opens. I am very happy with the safety precautions to curb the spread of Covid-19.” – Carolyn Jornales, Vice-Principal @ Cairnhill
“It is to necessary to protect myself and to prevent cross infection with others” – Xiong Li, Preschool Teacher @ Choa Chu Kang

“对老师和学生都是保障 (It is a form of safety for both teachers and students)” – Lim Yi Ling, Infant Educarer @ Toa Payoh

While At The Test Centres…

Amidst the slight inconvenience (the entire process took about 8 hours for some of them) and their discomfort, what kept them going were that they knew they were doing something to safeguard the well-being of children and to assure parents that the environment is safe.

“Be brave , just relax and go for it! All these are done for the concern n safety of the children and our family too!” – Ong Cheok Hua, Support Staff @ Toa Payoh

“重要的任务 (It is an important mission)!” – Toh Siu Tang, Infant Educarer @ Cairnhill

“A little discomfort experienced when the test bud was inserted, tearing occurred naturally but no pain at all!” – Eileen Tan, Principal @ Choa Chu Kang

“Testing process is well-organised and safe distancing measures were enforced. Thank you for all your hard work healthcare staff!” – Kim Yeseul, Support Staff @ Cairnhill

All in all

Through difficult times, it is the company around us that matters. As the swab test concludes today, we’d like to take some time to appreciate our early childhood educators and staff.

“Not all heroes wear cape. Some are in preschools doing their swab test to make sure we are safe to give the little ones super power knowledge in June!” – Carolyn Jornales, Vice-Principal, Mulberry Learning @ Cairnhill
“We are all superheroes in disguise. Continue your journey as an early childhood educator and the joy and happiness you receive cannot be measured in monetary terms.” – Sarah Rachel Giam, Principal, Mulberry Learning @ Toa Payoh

Finally, to everyone else, 

“Take care and be safe! Always put on your mask and practise social distancing!” – Eileen Tan, Principal, Mulberry Learning @ Choa Chu Kang


Special thanks to the staff at Mulberry Learning’s preschools at Cairnhill, Choa Chu Kang, and Toa Payoh for sharing their thoughts and feelings about the current Covid-19 situation and their swab-testing experiences.

And to the rest of our early childhood educators and staff, a big thank you for pressing on with the discomfort!

Our educators are the heart of our business. The job may be challenging, but making a difference in the lives of little children can be extremely rewarding. If you are an energetic, dedicated and highly passionate early childhood educator who loves nurturing imaginative and intelligent young minds, embark on your teaching journey with us! Start your rewarding and fulfilling career today!

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