Teachers’ Day Appreciation 2020

Teachers play a big part in guiding our children’s learning and development. They nurture, inspire, care, and guide our children to achieve their growth milestones! 

Mulberry Learning’s teachers have had to cope with numerous challenges this year – from finding creative ways to engage our little ones during home-based learning, enduring the Covid-19 swab tests, to ensuring our children’s safety in school by implementing and enforcing safe management measures.

At every step of the way, our teachers have risen to the occasion, and have done their utmost best to ensure the well-being and safety of our children. To show appreciation to our teachers for their hard work, we would like to invite you to join us in this year’s…

Teachers’ Day Celebrations!

Together with your child, pen down some words of appreciation and encouragement and share them with us! We welcome photographs and video snippets too! 

Your words will mean the world to them!

With your submissions, Mulberry Learning will be creating something special for our teachers! Be part of our celebrations by filling in the form on the right by 21 August 2020.

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Share How Wonderful Your Children’s Teachers Are!

Thank you for your participation!

Teachers’ Day this year was a little bit different, there wasn’t a party or a celebration, but in little ways, we wish to put a smile on our teachers’ faces! We roped Mulberry Learning’s parents in to share their words of appreciation and made it into cards and videos for our teachers! Look at the smiles on Mulberry Learning @ Shenton Way teachers! 🙂

Of course some of our lovely parents and children also prepared their very own gifts for their favourite teachers! These little acts indeed made our teachers @ Toa Payoh very happy!

Not yet a Mulberry Learning parent but interested to find out more about our award-winning curriculum and how our teachers can make a difference in the lives of your little ones? Sign up for a School Tour now!

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